Eric Andre and Stephen Colbert Toss The Script on 'The Late Show'
Eric Andre and Stephen Colbert Toss The Script on 'The Late Show'
Source: Youtube/CBS

Eric Andre and Stephen Colbert Toss The Script on 'The Late Show'

The comedian's latest Bad Trip press stop goes delightfully off the rails.

Eric Andre and Stephen Colbert demonstrated precisely how pandemic fatigue looks, sounds, and feels, on The Late Show last night.

During what would have otherwise been a fairly routine press stop for his upcoming prank film, Bad Trip, Andre's guest appearance on the late-night show devolved into something more reminiscent of his own Adult Swim talk show. Which is to say, it didn't take long for their encounter to go delightfully off the rails.

The segment began on a standard enough note. Colbert plays a well-circulated clip from Bad Trip of Tiffany Haddish on a murderous tear, dangling the comedian off the side of a building as unsuspecting bystanders look on in horror. After some shared praise of Haddish's very natural hilarity, Colbert then inquires as to how Andre was coping with life (and his show,) more or less being relegated to an unending series of Zoom calls, to which Andre confirms his vices have gotten the best of him. "I've been drinking like Jack Kerouac, man," the wildcard comedian admits before showing off the bar he installed in his living room.

From there, the conversation mainly circles around their drinks of preference, Andre claiming to have a taste for the cheesy cocktails you might get at a TGIF Happy Hour, while Colbert cops to being not unlike the rest of the late-night boozehounds, busting out a bottle of Kentucky bourbon and pouring himself a glass. Each with a shot of their own, the duo toasts and seemingly agrees the interview has officially entered the point of no return. Upon resurfacing from a brief break, they scrap a bit about Andre's uncanny resemblance to Fran Lebowitz before closing out.

Watch Eric Andre and Stephen Colbert toss the script on last night's episode of The Late Show below. Stream Bad Trip on Netflix next Friday, March 26th.