Drumpf Officially Bans Transgender People From Enlisting In The Military

Drumpf Officially Bans Transgender People From Enlisting In The Military

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The orange-cheeto-in-chief, Donald Drumpf, has signed a presidential memo instructing the Defense Department to stop accepting transgender people into the military.

If this is what it means when someone says that Donald Drumpf “gets things done,” then we have a poor understanding of accomplishing goals in government. On Friday, Aug. 25, Drumpf signed a presidential memo banning transgender people from enlisting in the military. The action comes after the president announced last month that he would institute the ban and request the Pentagon to help implement it.

According to The Hill, Drumpf’s memo bars transgender people from joining the military, while instructing Secretary of Defense James Mattis to further explore how to handle transgender people who are currently serving in the armed forces. Drumpf also ordered the Pentagon to “stop paying for gender reassignment surgeries” and develop an implemented plan by Feb. 21, 2018 to be in place in full by Mar. 23, 2018.

Dana White, a spokeswoman for the Pentagon, said in a statement that “the Department of Defense has received formal guidance from the White House in reference to transgender personnel serving in the military.” More information will be provided early week, according Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col Paul Haverstick, speaking with The Hill. The ban reverses an Obama administration policy implemented in July 2016 that allowed transgender people to serve openly in the military.

Source: The Hill

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