Drake, Travis Scott & Twitch Streamer Ninja Set A New Record For Playing ‘Fortnite’

Drake, Travis Scott & Twitch Streamer Ninja Set A New Record For Playing ‘Fortnite’

Drake, Travis Scott & Twitch Streamer Ninja Set A New Record For Playing ‘Fortnite’

Source: Metro UK

Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins teamed up with Drake and Travis Scott to play a few rounds of Fortnite and ended up setting a new world record.

Twitch streamers and hardcore gamers know of the budding legend of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who has exploded in popularity in recent weeks. Last night, the eSport maven and Renegades team member connected with an unlikely duo of gamers in Drake and Travis Scott for a few rounds of the wildly successful game Fortnite.

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On any given night, Ninja typically brings in around 60,000 to 90,000 viewers per stream, which is more than what other big names in the videogame-streaming community (think Dr. DisRespect or Shroud) pull in regularly. With such high ranking and numbers coming in, it should come as no surprise that Ninja and his tag team partners absolutely decimated those numbers during last night’s stream on Twitch and set a new world record.

The stream’s first milestone was reached almost immediately after going live, with 200,000 viewers. Once a few audio issues were resolved, that number jumped like Michael Jordan at the free throw line to 400,000. Drake then tweeted out a link to the stream, and that’s when it made another jump to 600,000 viewers. Eventually, it capped out around the 630k range. Now, if you’re outside of gaming, you’re probably wondering why a world renowned rapper like Drake is playing a game called Fortnite.

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Well, the Toronto MC said that he likes to play the game with his friends in between recording sessions at his studio. He heard of Ninja and watched his streams, and the two decided a co-op gameplay session was in order. While playing together, the two talked about the love of the game, confirmed that he plays exclusively on PS4, shows that he’s a team player by dropping extra weapons and even shares his thoughts on pineapple pizza (see video above).

The night’s streaming event resulted in Ninja beating the previous record for an individual stream (Dr. DisRespect with 387,000) and he also hit 100,000 subscribers on Twitch. It is estimated that that achievement unlocked Drake’s attention meter, as the Billboard no. 1 chart-topping rapper started following Ninja shortly after hitting the mark, which is likely how this stream came along.

SOURCE: Polygon

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