Trump Still Ignores Puerto Rico To Slander Late Night TV Hosts

Trump Still Ignores Puerto Rico To Slander Late Night TV Hosts

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Source: Twitter

President Donald Drumpf is pushing back in 140 characters or less against late night television show hosts who have been critical of Republicans.

The president—if you can really call him that—took to his favorite social media site Saturday morning to argue that Republicans weren’t given “equal time” because of “one-sided” coverage on late night TV. Donald Drumpf is upset, yet again, and since we all have to hear his rants via Twitter, you can see what he said underneath.

“Late night host(s) are dealing with the Democrats for their very ‘unfunny’ and repetitive material. Always anti-Trump! Should we get equal time?” He also suggested that “more and more people” are clamoring for more coverage of the GOP. Sounds like somebody is trying to get his own network off the ground for when this presidency comes to an abrupt ends.

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Trump’s ire possibly comes from Seth Meyers and his late night NBC show. The former Saturday Night Live comedian and writer immediately tweeted back to Drumpf that he would “love” to have the Cheeto-in-Chief on his show. Myers has been among the most vocal of Drumpf’s critics.

Peep some of Seth’s hot take material below:

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