From Foes to Friends: Dapper Dan & Gucci Are Officially Working Together

From Foes to Friends: Dapper Dan & Gucci Are Officially Working Together

After Years Apart, Dapper Dan & Gucci Are Officially Working Together

Source: New York Times

The legendary Harlem designer, Dapper Dan, is partnering up with Gucci to create a capsule collection.

There isn’t anyone who really loves hip-hop and streetwear culture who hasn’t heard the name Dapper Dan. The Harlem fashion legend—who created original threads for everyone from Mike Tyson to Salt ‘n Pepa—has been imitated, but never duplicated. Now, in an amazing turn of events, Dapper Dan has partnered with Gucci to officially release a capsule collection.

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Dapper Dan and high-end brands like Gucci have had a rocky relationship, to say the least. Throughout the ’80s, Dapper Dan was the most prosperous and influential bootlegger. He famously incorporated high-end logos onto clothes and into car interiors, working with everyone from LL Cool J to Mike Tyson to Bobby Brown. (His most iconic piece of work were the jackets he designed for Eric B. and Rakim on the Paid in Full cover.)

To See these two coming together is interesting, especially after Gucci was accused of biting Dan’s style he originated back in the ’80s with a jacket from their Cruise 2018 Collection. Following the associated uproar, Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, described the replication of Dan’s work as an “homage” and denied any accusations of plagiarism. This led to the two sides ironing out differences and developing a working relationship.

“Alessandro and I are part of two parallel universes,” Dan told the Times. “The magic that took place as a result of what he did was bringing these two parallel universes together. That opened a dialogue between us when we finally got in touch with each other. I found out how similar our experiences were, the way he grew up and the way I grew up, and how he was influenced by me. I was never apprehensive about what took place. The public was more up in arms than me.”

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To add to the collaboration, Dapper Dan’s eponymous Harlem boutique, which was forced to close back in 1992 for copyright infringement violations, will now open its doors once again. Framed as a “by appointment studio for custom commissions,” Dap’s store is slated to open by the end of 2017, this time outfitted with authentic fabric from Gucci.

The Harlem native also appears in the campaign for Cruise 2018 men’s tailoring. In the images, shot by Glen Luchford, Dap shines in threads by the Italian fashion house with the famed brownstones of Harlem as his backdrop. The collaboration between Dan and Gucci will be available next spring as part of Gucci’s 2018 pre-fall range.

Source: New York Times

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