'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Returns To HBO On October 1st

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Returns To HBO On October 1st

Larry David's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Confirmed To Return For A Ninth Season

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Larry David is so rich, he doesn’t really have to do another season of Curb, yet here he is, giving the people what they think they want.

It has been almost six years since HBO aired an original, new episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm on television. Larry David hasn’t even really needed to do it since that show and his other one—a little known program called Seinfeld—both did gangbusters for the talented comedic writer.

Now, it looks like Larry has gotten bored with doing nothing (or at least pissed that his star-turn at making a movie flopped), and has returned with the ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Remember, you heard about the return of the show first from us, when J.B. Smoove (who plays Leon on the show) mentioned the date during our Roots Picnic.

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HBO has finally confirmed what we’ve all already known with a teaser trailer which looks pretty, pretty, pretty good. It doesn’t offer any look at the actual show, but Larry David does look a bit different than he did back in 2011. After waiting for so long, we’re sure that the wait is worth it.

Season Nine of Curb promises that the whole gang will get back together as Jeff, Susie, Ted Danson and Lauren Graham will all reprise their roles.

Watch the Curb Your Enthusiasm teaser trailer below + be ready when the show returns October 1.:

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