7 Classic ‘MTV Cribs’ Moments You Should Revisit Right Now

Viacom is rebooting the classic series MTV Cribs. We look back at seven classic moments from the original series.

MTV Cribs is back! On Wednesday, July 14, Deadline reported that a reboot of MTV Cribs will premiere on August 11 at 9:30 PM EST. MTV will reboot the show with celebrities like Big Sean, Rick Ross, Tinashe, Marsai Martin, Snooki, and more.

MTV Cribs was developed by Nina L. Diaz back in 2000. Diaz, who is now President of Content and Chief Creative Officer of MTV Entertainment Group, spoke about the relaunch in a press release. She said:

Cribs didn’t simply introduce the celebreality genre, it created a blueprint for how we engage on social media… We are thrilled to usher in a new era of this iconic franchise for audiences around the world.”

The original show debuted in 2000, running for 13 seasons. And, while it featured all kinds of celebrities, from athletes like Carmelo Anthony and Tony Hawk to personalities like Kim Kardashian and the Jackass crew, it was rappers who dominated the show and provided some of the most memorable moments.

In honor of the reboot being announced, we thought it would be the perfect time to revisit some of our favorite hip-hop moments from the iconic show.

1. Redman’s porn collection, generally messy crib

Redman has never been known for a luxurious aesthetic, and the tour of his Staten Island crib reflected just that. In fact, in 2015 he revealed the network wanted him to rent a house for his episode. Instead, Redman wanted the world to see the real deal: scattered gifts and shoeboxes, his expansive porno collection, his cousin still sleeping on the floor. To be fair, the network revisited “De La Casa” later to get a better look. Both are truly worth a watch.

2. Fat Joe and his tasty sneaker collection

Fat Joe‘s tour of his Paramus, New Jersey crib was more in-line with the typical rapper episode. The most memorable moment is when he walked the camera crew through his closet, showing his all-pink ensemble from the Video Music Awards, his chinchilla coat from the “Crush Tonight” video, as well as his collection of (apparently delectable) white Nike Air Force Ones.

3. Birdman and Lil Wayne’s car collection, living room Jacuzzi

What more can be said about Cash Money Records in its heyday? MTV Cribs captured the label in its peak, bringing all their on-wax boasts to the screen at Birdman and Lil Wayne‘s New Orleans mansion. In retrospect, the house and cars seem both ridiculous and a bit modest by today’s standards — a Jacuzzi in the living room, stretch PT Cruiser and Ford Excursion — but at the time? Incredible.

4. Trick Daddy’s car collection, Scarface room, Wet Ones

Trick Daddy‘s Cribs episode featured the following: Trick offering Saddam Hussein a plate of his homemade turkey (rubbed with butter and seasoned with his bare hands); a 1973 Caprice Classic with Louis Vuitton interior; and a classic endorsement for Wet Ones sanitary wipes.

5. Big Boi’s “Boom-Boom Room”

Sir Lucious Left Foot’s entire episode isn’t available on YouTube, but the most memorable part of Big Boi‘s crib has thankfully been preserved. André 3000 makes a rare appearance, fresh off the release of Stankonia, but the main attraction here is the stripper pole in the “Boom-Boom Room.”

6. 50 Cent’s colossal Connecticut mansion

50 Cent was so big at the time of his MTV Cribs episode, the Queens MC only agreed to do the show if he could have an entire episode dedicated to himself. With over 51,000 square feet, 17 acres, 19 bedrooms, and 35 bathrooms to show off, it only makes sense.

7. “I bring that ghetto environment out here to this nice neighborhood”

Snoop Dogg’s Claremont, California home had a lowkey, chill vibe. Snoop shared a lot during the tour: showing off intimate family photos; the neighbor that “always called the police” on him; and his dog “White Boy,” who was more like “Grey Boy” because he was so dirty (according to Snoop.)


This story was updated on July 14, 2021.

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