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Celebrate the Inaugural National Mural Day with Legendary Graffiti Artist Cey Adams

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National Mural Day is May 7th.

Legendary graffiti artist Cey Adams is teaming up with Pabst Blue Ribbon to launch National Mural Day, a celebration of the world’s oldest and most public visual art form.

For the partnership, Adams — who got his start 30 years ago as Founding Creative Director for Def Jam working with artists like Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, and LL Cool J — will reimagine a Pabst Blue Ribbon’s 12oz can and all product packaging for the Spring line.

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The limited edition re-design, which dropped back in March, will cover over 150 million Pabst Blue Ribbon cans, as well as all product packaging. It's a really cool opportunity to own art from Cey. (And, also, you know, drink some beer.)

National Mural Day will an annual even that will encourage artists to create new murals in various communities. As part of National Mural Day, Pabst Blue Ribbon will be creating murals in major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Detroit, Seattle, and more.

Speaking about the partnership in a press release, Adams said:

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a brand I always planned to explore in my work, and partnering to launch National Mural Day felt right. Murals and Street Art are an important element of my work. My hope is National Mural Day will become a platform for artists and their communities to celebrate art and its rich history.

Adams will also be spotlighting three inspiring, emerging muralists in a video series launched with Pabst Blue Ribbon in mid-April. Murallovers across the country can get involved by taking photos of their favorite murals and uploading them using #NationalMuralDay.

Mural Day is happening on May 7th. For the occasion, on Monday, May 6th, Cey Adams will be holding a conversation about his life and work with Okayplayer's Managing Editor, Dimas Sanfiorenzo. The conversation will be free. So if you're in New York City, pull up.

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