Black Protester Hugs Nazi During Richard Spencer Speech in Florida

Black Protester Hugs Nazi During Richard Spencer Speech in Florida

Aaron Courtney, a 31-year-old high school football coach, decided that love would trump hate during a Richard Spencer rally in Florida.

This past Thursday, white terrorist head honcho Richard Spencer gave a speech at the University of Florida in Gainesville and was met with fierce resistance from protesters. Taking place just three months after the violent “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia — Spencer’s rally was filled with anti-Spencer protesters and a heavy police presence. Signs denouncing neo-Nazism, white terrorism and fascism were everywhere you looked. In the midst of all that stood Aaron Courtney, a 31-year-old high school football coach, who only wanted to preach the word of love.

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According to The New York Daily News, Courtney saw that a Nazi supporter named Randy Furniss was being surrounded on all fronts by protesters who screamed, punched and spat on him. Courtney, unfamiliar with Spencer and his hate movement, did some research and came to the university to see what everything was all about.

Noticing Furniss in his precarious situation, Courtney had a revelation, saying, “I could have hit him, I could have hurt him … but something in me said, ‘You know what? He just needs love,” Courtney said. With that out in the ether, the video, which you can see above, finds Courtney hugging Furniss and wrapping his arms around him. Asking the neo-Nazi, “Why don’t you like me?” Courtney pressed him with questions, attempting to elicit a response from someone who would consider him less than.

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“I had the opportunity to talk to someone who hates my guts and I wanted to know why. During our conversation, I asked him, ‘Why do you hate me? What is it about me? Is it my skin color?

My history? My dreadlocks?’” he said. The end result factored in this white man, so filled with unbridled hate, acknowledging that he didn’t even know why he hated this black man. “He wrapped his arms around me, and I heard God whisper in my ear, ‘You changed his life.’”
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