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11 Black-Owned Brands Donating to Black Lives Matter, Grassroots Organizations & George Floyd’s Family

11 Black-Owned Brands Donating to Black Lives Matter, Grassroots Organizations & George Floyd’s Family

Photo Credit: Evanka Williamson

For those of you who are looking to give back and wear pieces by diverse designers, we’ve rounded up 11 Black-owned brands that are donating profits to social justice organizations. 

During these times, protesting and voting might seem like the most useful solutions to showcasing you stand with victims of police brutality. But for those who simply can’t muster the energy to get out on the ground, purchasing tees and goods from Black-owned brands is a valuable step in the right direction.  

T-shirt activism is not a new thing, by any means, but the current moments we’re seeing play out publicly consumers are urged to put their money where their mouth is. Over the past two weeks, streetwear brands have begun to donate proceeds to a gamut of organizations — not limited to Black Lives Matter — in support of those protesting the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

For those of you who are looking to give back and wear pieces by diverse designers, we’ve rounded up 11 brands that donating profits to organizations and the families of police brutality victims. 

Renowned LA “Heroes of Blackness Benefit” Tee ($35)

The Cali-based brand Renowned LA proudly released a vintage washed tee with all proceeds going to the Black Lives Matter movement, the George Floyd Foundation, and Reclaim The Block. The tee represents Black freedom during the civil rights era. 

Denim Tears “Cotton Peace” Charity Tee ($50)

Proceeds from this newly designed T-shirt from Tremaine Emory will go directly to Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp. The organization focuses on the well-being of Black and brown communities through education, self-education, and mass mobilization. 

Supervsn “Do Better” Tee ($48)


LA native and designer Gavin Mathieu’s “Do Better” T-shirt features a prominent message that hopefully resonates with customers. Profits will be donated to South Central Los Angeles youth. 

ROYGBIV “End Racism 2020” T-Shirt ($25)

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I will match whatever y’all end up buying myself. | Link in Bio. | @roygbiv.world #roygbivproducts #endracism

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ROYGBIV’s latest design includes the message “more love, more peace.” Twenty-five percent of proceeds from the tee will go to George Floyd’s family. 

Neon Cowboys #BlackLivesMatter COVID-19 Glow Mask ($34)


All profits from #BlackLivesMatter COVID-19 Glow Mask will go to Grass Roots Law, an organization created to dismantle mass incarceration. Additional proceeds will go to black women-owned businesses through Digital Undivided


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Black business grant recipients. Announcement via @britishvogue

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Samuel Ross, creative director of A-Cold-Wall*, announced the streetwear menswear label would be donating to Black Lives Matter in addition to frontliners. ‎Additional proceeds will go to 10 independent black businesses.


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FAR TOO MANY TAKEN,  WITH NO JUSTICE PROVIDED, FOR FAR TOO LONG. // As a Black owned company with a diverse staff we decided to pause our profit oriented business earlier this week to shift our attention to the ongoing protests and the recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Briona Taylor, and George Floyd. These three murders are only the latest examples in a long history of racially driven, violent injustice faced by minorities, and in particular, African Americans in this country. People currently in our government are actively encouraging more racial division against those deemed “other” – foreigners, Mexicans, Chinese who is next, and where does it stop? For now we have reduced the items available on our website to those that directly speak to the current issues of racial injustice, and are turning over ALL proceeds of sales from the new items on 10Deep.com to organizations in the National Bail Network who are working to aid those arrested in protests nationwide. We invite you to check our full statement about our revised operations on 10Deep.com – #FUCK12.  Fuck this racist presidency. We need an end to violent racist policing. – Be safe out there.

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The OG New York streetwear brand has ceased all for-profit sales and instead has all funds from purchases going to organizations in the network of the National Bail Fund. 

Total Luxury Spa

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With the help of all of you we were able to raise $6,227 dollars for the LA Black Worker Center through the sales of Lauren Halsey’s shirt. We know this is a drop in a much larger bucket but when we started TLS it was about providing a platform for young artists that had no representation and as it grows into a platform for change our mission has never been more clear. The world and the companies that run it need to change from within. The way it’s going isn’t sustainable unless we all work at it and take care of the ones around us. Our work is just beginning. @hassanrahim @summaeverythang @lablackworkercenter

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This partially-black owned streetwear brand in California is matching every $50 donation, proceeds go to black-owned businesses. They’ve currently raised over $100,000, they’re urging their community to continue donating via monthly contributions.

Checks N Balances


The proceeds from the latest collection created by a group of Black and POC high school graduates will go to National Bail Out and Black Lives Matter. The collective was founded earlier this month following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery

America Hates Us

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🚓 Blue lives murder. _ It is important to know that Policing is an entire system that was born out of the need to catch enslaved Black people. This history is important in understanding that The Police is are apart of the system of white supremacy, which continues to contribute to the killings and suffering of Black people. — Stop debating the need for a system that was created and exists to capture and kill Black people. A system that is disproportionately affecting and killing lives of Black Trans people. __ Maybe that’s still a tough pill to swallow for folks who have police in their family or those who have “had nothing but positive interactions” with Police. But please miss me with all that, I’m not debating it anymore! Black Lives matter, Black Trans Lives Matter. Defund police and take a stance against a system that was created and will continue to destroy. _ _ _ words by: @wokeintranslation model: @wokeintranslation (wearing Blue Lives Murder shirt) _ _ _ #bluelivesmurder#acab#ftp

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Twenty percent of proceeds from any purchases can be donated at checkout to No White Saviors, a majority female collective that works on the ground in Uganda. If you’re in the mood for giving, you can also donate twenty percent to We Have Stories, a non-profit creative marketing agency that supports marginalized voices and diversity in media. 

André 3000’s collection for the Movement for Black Lives.

Southern hip-hop legend André 3000 has released a collection of graphic crewnecks inspired by his viral jumpsuits with political messages. One Hundred percent of the profits will be donated to the Movement for Black Lives.


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