The Viral Delta Variant Meme Details How Worried People Are About the Fall

Twitter users are starting to make light of the fact that their fall plans are probably dead in the water thanks to the delta variant.

COVID-19’s delta variant is a problem. For the last couple of months it’s been wreaking havoc around the world. In the US, cases have doubled within the last two week. And Delta it is causing major harm in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana, specifically, amongst those who are not vaccinated.  

The good news is that vaccines have shown to be very effective against Delta. If you are vaccinated, severe disease or death is extremely rare. (Even, though, yes you can still get Covid.) The bad news is that a large population of people are still not vaccinated, whether it be kids under 12 (who are still too young) or those who are skeptical of vaccines. 

But there is a level of dread out there — especially from those on social media — that the spread of delta is going to lead to a rough couple of months. And Twitter users are starting to make light of the fact that their fall plans are probably dead in the water. 

Users have started a “My fall plans” vs. “The Delta variant” meme that uses pop culture examples of things going wrong to detail how delta is fucking up everyone’s plans. 

We have already seen many classic pop culture examples used. This includes LeVar Burton getting pump faked for the Jeopardy! job; Beyoncé losing the Album of Year Grammy to Beck and his Morning Phase album; Big Mama from Soul Food‘s tragic death from diabetes; Rihanna putting off making an album to promote her Fenty brand; and more. 

Scroll down to see the best delta variant memes. 



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