‘Atlanta Robbin’ Season’ Premiere Was The Most-Watched Scripted Comedy On TV

‘Atlanta Robbin’ Season’ Premiere Was The Most-Watched Scripted Comedy On TV

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2.7 million total viewers watched Donald Glover’s Atlanta Robbin’ Season, plus two encores and digital streaming through the first three days.

We knew that Donald Glover’s Atlanta would eviscerate the sophomore slump that befalls other TV sitcoms, but news from FX puts a figure on just how much of an impact the show made. According to FX’s rating assessment, Atlanta Robbin’ Season nabbed the best ratings of any recent basic cable comedy.

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On a Live+3 basis, the show’s premiere telecast (March 1, 10:00 p.m. – 10:40 p.m.) received 1.3 million adults (18-49), the most of any basic cable primetime scripted comedy telecast since Week 3 of FXX’s It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s 12th season on January 18, 2017. In that same demo, the Atlanta Robbin’ Season premiere was up +7% over the Season 1 premiere and +9% over the Season 1 average.

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In total, the amount of viewers who watched the “Alligator Man” episode was on par (1.8 million) with the Season 1 premiere and up +5% compared to the Season 1 average. In all, the show debuted to 2.7 million total viewers Live+3, as this includes the premiere telecast, two encore airings, and digital streaming. This is expected to increase significantly over time as Atlanta Robbin’ Season has plenty of twists, turns and hilarious moments to showcase over the course of its second season. Over time, the first season of Atlanta would go on to average 5.2 million total viewers, and it looks like the second season will easily surpass that number and then some.

SOURCE: FX Press Release

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