Celebrities at the los angeles clippers game 3
Celebrities at the los angeles clippers game 3
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The April Fool's Day Jokes This Year Were Extra Lame

It turns out the rap game isn't immune to April Fool's Day jokes.

Thursday marked April Fool's Day and for those of us who've been desensitized by the last year and change of headlines, the day couldn't end soon enough. Nevertheless, a few pranksters in the rap world--including one rap legend--decided to go against the grain and joke regardless.

The less-distressing joke came in the form of a fake album tracklist, which is honestly pretty low on the totem pole of social media pranks. It started when @ChartsAfrica, an account with over 70,000 followers, posted a tracklist for a Jay Z album titled Ascension. The project allegedly featured some of the "top rappers in Africa"--Sarkodie, Olamide, Nasty C, and Femi Kuti.

A couple of African news outlets reported on the "news," with NotJustOK adding a (fake) statement from the man himself. "I've always wanted to get in touch with my roots and connect to the motherland," Jay said. "You know, Africa is blessed with so much talent and I felt like it was time to tap into that resource." NotJustOK concluded the article saying "As much as we hope Jay-Z collaborates with African acts in the future, we just want to say Happy April Fools Day."

Around the same time, Los Angeles rapper/producer DJ Quik posted to his Instagram story that he'd been shot twice on the way home from the studio. "I'm on my way to the hospital," he wrote. "Someone just shot into my car 7-10 times on the freeway. I got hit twice. Pray for me." Four hours later, he revealed it was just a joke. "I even impressed myself with that one," he said shortly after.

Stay tuned for further updates on more April Fool's Day jokes that the world would be better off without.