‘Atlanta’ Season Two Gets A New Series Title & Premiere Date

‘Atlanta’ Season Two Gets A New Series Title & Premiere Date

‘Atlanta’ Season Two Gets A New Series Title & Premiere Date

Source: FX

The long awaiting return of Donald Glover’s Atlanta will return to FX on Mar. 1 with the new title of Atlanta Robbin’ Season.

We’ve been waiting for Earn Marks and his return to the small screen since Atlanta’s first season went off the air. In anticipation, news about the show’s second season has just been unveiled. Donald Glover’s groundbreaking FX series will return to the small screen on Thursday, Mar. 1, at 10:00 p.m.

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Yes, it is only a few months away, but what better way to lead from #BlackHistoryMonth than to have Atlanta back on the air.

Oh, also, with the changes and award winning love the show has received, Glover and co. decided to also revise the series’ name. Atlanta will now be Atlanta Robbin’ Season, as that gives a big glimpse into what to expect from the left-of-center comedy series.

For those who have been missing out and want to get on the hype train, Atlanta Robbin’ Season stars Donald Glover as Earn Marks, a young manager trying to get his cousin’s (Brian Tyree Henry) rap career off the ground while juggling friendship with an oddball guru (Lakeith Stanfield) and relationship with his child’s mother (Zazie Beetz).

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The show is uniquely black and groundbreaking in numerous ways. As the interest for the second season continues to grow, the whole cast has had time to do their own thing before returning to the series. While Donald made history as an award winning writer, Zazie Beetz landed a coveted role as Domino in Deadpool 2, while Henry will be in Steve McQueen’s Widows and Lakeith Stanfield continues to endear Hollywood as a member of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sequel.

Mark Mar. 1 on your calendars as 2018 is officially Atlanta Robbin’ Season.

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