Sly5thAve Remixes Space Captain’s “Blue” To Funky Perfection

Sly5thAve Remixes Space Captain’s “Blue” To Funky Perfection

by Kevito
2 years ago

Source: Space Captain

The highly sought after multi-instrumentalist and arranger, Sly5thAve, remixes Space Captain’s “Blue” with some interstellar funk-and-groove.

Still debating on whether or not you should be playing Sly5thAve’s The Invisible Man tribute to Dr. Dre. Well, here’s some more evidence that you should have a stockpile of jams from the innovative musical genius. The producer got a hold of Space Captain’s “Blue” and decided to rework it in a way that was unique and wholly its own outside of the original.

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Sly captured the essence that the Brooklyn-based soul collective was going for and amplified it. Where the first version soothed, this version captures your attention on first note. Maralisa Simmons-Cook’s voice does laps in and out of Sly’s production. Their union could produce some otherworldly events if allowed to grow and mature.

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“Sly has become a new friend and collaborator of ours in the last year or so,” Maralisa said about the “Blue (Sly5thAve Remix)”. “The extent of his imagination when it comes to not just playing but arranging and producing is incredible. We thought he’d be perfect for an inventive remix from ‘All Flowers In Time’ and sure enough he created a seven minute long piece that really encompassed the feeling of the original. I was also excited he chose “Blue” because it’s one of my favorites from the album and sits a bit more in the blues realm and the music I grew up with.”

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