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Mixtape Monday: Larry Smith Tribute, A-Trak, Quantic, Tony Touch & More!

Mixtape Monday: Larry Smith Tribute, A-Trak, Quantic, Tony Touch & More!

Midnight Rockers Express Lee Harrison Mixtape Cover

Pipomixes Roc Marciano Sounds Like Porridge Mixtape Cover

The work of Roc Marciano needs no introduction, but it definitely needs its own mix. LA-based DJ Pipomixes has done ahead and taken care of it, crafting an extended compilation of chopped and cross-faded tracks from the NYC-based MC. The “Sounds Like Porridge” mix (big props if you get the reference) highlights some of Marci’s greatest bars as well as the brilliant pack of producers he’s put in time with. In his own words, Pipo put it like this:

There have been several sources of inspiration that have really kept me checking for new music the last few years. Madlib’s post Dilla (06) production, future beats producers like Ras G and Dibia$e, and the many quality releases from labels like ReDef Records, Mellow Music Group, and Street Corner Music. All of the quality music from the aforementioned artists/labels (among a host of others) have fueled ideas for new mixes. Among the array of quality releases, nothing has tickled my fancy quite like the ascension of Roc Marciano. Roc Marci’s music is the quintessential example of old becoming new. There’s nothing new about stripped down, loop-based production sprinkled with grimy raps. However, the way in which Marciano does it and the timing in which it is being done, make this old tried and true combination very refreshing. Marcberg, Reloaded, Marci Becoup, and the Pimpire Strikes Back have burned a hole in my headphones. As much I tried to resist doing this mix because I considered it low hanging fruit, I could only resist for so long. The music is just too good and I like Roc’s catalog too much to have not made this mix.

This mix was completed six months ago and has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust ever since. I held off on releasing the mix because I thought another Marciano album was going to drop during the fourth quarter of 2014 (as was done with his three previous albums during the last two years) and I wanted to time the mix’s release with Roc’s latest album. No such luck and I can’t sit on this mix any longer because too much time has passed since I released my last mix. So here you all go. Enjoy it because I’m not sure when the next mix is coming. Not to be confused, I’m always working on a new mix. Whether it’s thinking of new concepts or themes, brainstorming songs and sequences, or the actual mixing of a mix; I’m always working on the next mix. However, my process is getting slower and my time more limited. Please enjoy it until the next one because if the last few months have taught me anything it’s that “next” is not always guaranteed.

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