Finally, You Can Stream Kamaiyah’s New Tape, ‘Before I Wake’

Finally, You Can Stream Kamaiyah’s New Tape, ‘Before I Wake’

Finally, You Can Stream Kamaiyah’s New Tape, ‘Before I Wake’

Source: Instagram

After waiting a bit for the Oakland rapper, Kamaiyah, to drop her new project, she has released the 10-track project for patient ears to enjoy.

It’s no secret that I love Kamaiyah. Her style, flow and A Good Night In The Ghetto were personally one of the best things about 2016. When she said that she was readying her next project, Before I Wake, I was encouraged that this would be the tipping point for her with the people.

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Sadly, it didn’t come out as I had hoped.

Fortunately, that didn’t stop the Oakland MC from getting busy on stages all over the globe. As her stock continued to rise, the demand for Before I Wake increased to a feverous pitch. With a few false starts, Kamaiyah took to Instagram to clear the air as to what was holding up her sophomore tape. “This past year has been extremely hard for me,” she wrote. “I lost my brother to cancer and went through extreme depression.

Creatively I felt trapped with my project being held up due to samples. I lost my way and decided to take initiative by recording and putting together music for my fans all on my own because I felt it was time. Thank you for everyone who has been patient, this is only the beginning.”

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The two singles that Kamaiyah has put out this year, “Successful” and “Build You Up,” are not featured on the tape.

Patient souls have been rewarded this day. Press play on Before I Wake and share your thoughts with Kamaiyah on all socials.

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