Listen To Jay Z’s Playlist ‘Songs For Survival’ Available On TIDAL

jay z playlist TIDAL

The last week 400 plus years has been hard on black people, with police terror, institutional racism, slavery, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, slavery, misogyny, cultural appropriation and theft, colonialism, the bombing of black neighborhoods, genocide, chemical warfare, using us without consent in dangerous medical experiments, slavery, and also slavery. Luckily for us, or at least luckily for the privileged among us who have a subscription to TIDAL, Jay Z has released a playlist titled “songs for survival” to help get you through the past 400 plus years and specifically the events of this past week with the killings of 37 year-old Alton Sterling in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, 32-year-old Philando Castile in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, and Alva Braziel in Houston, Texas, among others.

With the craziness of the world heightened at the moment taking a moment to chill and listen to some music is crucial. A few days ago, Jay Z released a song called Spiritual, which touched on issues of police brutality. Listen to it here. The TIDAL exclusive playlist feautres songs from artists such as Beyoncé, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, CommonOutkast, Gil Scott-Heron,Fela Kuti, Kendrick Lamar, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Kanye West, and others.

So for all you TIDAL subscribers, take a listen to “songs for survival” below or here on TIDAL. And for those of you that have Apple Music, hold on tight, it’s looking like it just might buy out TIDAL.


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