Cody ChesnuTT Set To Release 'My Love Divine Degree' On June 2

Cody ChesnuTT Set To Release 'My Love Divine Degree' On June 2

Cody ChesnuTT Set To Release 'My Love Divine Degree' On June 2

Artwork courtesy of Press Junkie PR.

The name Cody ChesnuTT is familiar to Okayplayers here and around the world. The soulful troubadour has made a name for himself by being honest with himself and the world. With the date closing in on his first album in four years, we’re bracing ourselves for the impact that My Love Divine Degree will make when it hits on June 2 via Handwritten Records.

Fader recently premiered the first single, “Image of Love,” calling the song’s architect “enlightened” and “the spirit of optimism and goodwill”. He describes the essence of the album, saying, “This body of work is medicine for me. This is my soul trusting the powerful gift of music to be a positive vehicle for sharing the continual process of personal transformation. This organic sound recording explores what commonly may be perceived as universal social complexities, with the thought of divine love, and its application, as a simplifying guiding light.

Empowered by 13 tracks, My Love Divine Degree was recorded and mixed over a span of a year-and-a-half, and ranges from classic soul to modern synth experimentation. Wearing his feelings and honesty on his skin like armor, Cody’s third full-length album, My Love Divine Degree features production from Anthony “Twilight Tone” Khan (Kanye WestPusha T) who just recently turned in some dope work for The Gorillaz‘s new project. Sounds like Cody has an incredibly human body of work.

Listen to “Image of Love” below + circle your calendar for when My Love Divine Degree comes out on June 2.

My Love Divine Degree Track listing:

1. Anything Can Happen
2. Africa The Future
3. She Ran Away
4. Bullets In The Street And Blood (feat. Raphael Saadiq)
5. So Sad To See (A Lost Generation)
6. Always Sebrena
7. Make a Better Man
8. I Stay Ready
9. Image of Love
10. It’s In The Love
11. This Green Leaf
12. Peace (Side-by-Side)
13. Shine On The Mic
14. Have You Heard Anything From The Lord Today

Cody ChesnuTT is also touring Europe with plans for a North American tour for late summer. You can catch him in Los Angeles on June 19 at Bardot and August 5 at Houston’s Beyond The Pines.

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