Jay-Z & Beyoncé Release New Album 'Everything Is Love' [Stream + Video]

Jay-Z & Beyoncé Release New Album 'Everything Is Love' [Stream + Video]

Along with another world-stopping surprise album, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have dropped the first video from Everything Is Love, called “APES**T”.

Back like they never left, The Carters—better known as your royal highnesses Jay-Z and Beyoncé—have done the world another favor with a surprise album and video.

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With no warning, no promotion, and no expectations, The Carters dropped a surprise album called Everything Is Love as well as the first video from it called “APES**T”. Fans at a London stop for The Carters was where they first announced the collaborative album. The sudden release drove the industry and fans into a tizzy.

At only nine-tracks, some on Twitter are highlighting just how auspicious the timing of this is to Kanye West’s executive-produced effort for Nas called Nasir. Speculation aside, The Carters have only made Everything Is Love available for streaming on Tidal, which is also owned in part by the married musical duo.

The video, which is directed by Ricky Saiz, was shot on location at the Louvre in Paris last month, representatives for the couple said. Beyoncé and Jay-Z pioneered this brand of musical ambush on the widest of scales with her 2013 self-titled album, which included videos for each track. The stakes were raised when in April 2016 she released Lemonade with a big budget, hour-long film that premiered on HBO.

Everything Is Love in many ways brings the Knowles-Carter conceptual trilogy to an end. From the heart-wrenching pain and frustration of being a jilted and cheated on love in Beyoncé’s Lemonade to the pain and angst of causing such disruption with Jay-Z’s 4:44 album — Everything Is Love is a tactical, if not smart AF showing of family brand management.

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The album features song about romantic bliss (“Summer”), love (“Lovehappy”), “Boss,” “Friends,” “Heard About Us,” which all seemingly center on repairing the fractured relationships from the first two albums. In the album’s closing song, “Lovehappy,” Jay-Z vehemently declares, “We broke up and got back together,” with Beyoncé adding, “We came and we conquered/now we’re happy in love.”

Add to the surprise the fact that the parents of three are currently on a joint stadium tour, and this is how you maximize business synergy. The Carters will head into the U.S. beginning July as the “On The Run II” tour lasts into October.

Watch the “APES**T” video above and stream the TIDAL exclusive album, Everything Is Love below.

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