Mixtape Monday: Steve Spiffler, Jonah Cruzz, Rahiem Supreme, VDon + More

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This Mixtape Monday features projects from Steve Spiffler, Jonah Cruzz, Rahiem Supreme, VDon and more.

Rapper/producer Steve Spiffler explores the daily grind on Weekends Are 4 Boom Bap, Jonah Cruzz drops the It’s A Beautiful Thang EP, Rahiem Supreme caps the summer with Drip Bond and VDon drops The Bone Collector featuring some of the hardest spitters from in and around New York City. Summers Sons and C.Tappin join forces for Uhuru, Logic Marselis returns with Super Audio World 2, rising crooner Trey Graves drops the drft. EP and Jett I Mastyr drops The Upside Sessions instrumental project.

Otis Clapp tips his hat to director Quentin Tarantino on Quentin, Durham’s own JuztKP delivers razor-sharp bars on Full Moon Bloom, YGTUT follows with Save It and Foisey. is back with EA9+. Closing things out, Def Dee drops Deemixes Vol. 4, Big Kahuna O.G. is back in the saddle with Fly Anakin on Big Fly 2, Robin Yerah drops the lush Baby Birds beat tape and Monad drops a pair of mixtapes to celebrate his self-titled debut.

Steve Spiffler – Weekends Are 4 Boom Bap

Rapper/producer Steve Spiffler follows his Skitzo Steven full-length and the Planet Asia-assisted single “Trophy Case” with Weekends Are 4 Boom Bap.

“This is a breath of fresh air for the game. Every room can be aired out; you just have to find the window. This project is also dedicated to all of the hard-working folks out there grindin’ for the weekend. Hopefully these boom bap joints take your Friday-Sunday to another level.”

Jonah Cruzz – It’s A Beautiful Thang

ATLien Jonah Cruzz looks back at the road behind him on the introspective, eight-track Its A Beautiful Thang EP.

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Rahiem Supreme – Drip Bond EP

Prolific D.C. spitter Rahiem Supreme follows his Black Cinema EP and The Genesis Pt. 2 with the Drip Bond EP featuring Ankhlejohn.

VDon – The Bone Collector

Producer and NYC representative VDon teams with the best and brightest spitters from in and around the Empire State on The Bone Collector. Features include Westside Gunn, Crimeapple, Eto, Willie The Kid and Retch.

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Summers Sons & C.Tappin – Uhuru

UK representatives Summers Sons and C.Tappin team to deliver fourteen tracks of “cool bap” with the arrival of Uhuru.

“Uhuru” is the debut album by Summers Sons & C.Tappin from London and Bristol. The journey of this album started back in 2015 and was inspired by the people and places of Tanzania. After three years of channelling the vibe into beats and bars, it is finally here!

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Logic Marselis – Super Audio World 2

Logic Marselis appeals to the gamers and the true heads on the ten-track Super Audio World 2 tape.

Super Audio WORLD 2, draws inspiration from the SNES classic console. Logic takes listeners on a journey with each record as if your trying to accomplish a 16 bit game level which fits the soundscape perfectly. Clocking in at 10 tracks each record is referenced to the names of each level of the early 90’s video game classic with names such as “Donut Plains” or “Sunken Ghost Ship”. Super Audio WORLD 2 brings back a sense of nostalgia that the listener can actually enjoy.

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trey graves – drft.

Memphis crooner trey graves follows lead singles “feelwutifeel” and “new thang” with the smoldering, seven-track drft. EP.

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Jett I Mastyr – The Upside Sessions

Houston’s own Jett I Mastyr follows Decorative Pillows with The Upside Sessions instrumental tape.

The Upside Sessions is a collection of tracks made mostly in 2017. They remained unused until now. I always use where I am at in life to guide my inspiration behind projects. Once you reach certain levels in life you can find yourself at a new bottom, and another level in front of you to achieve. There’s a level of optimism needed to be successful. Even when things aren’t the most positive around you…you can control that. I’m definitely searching and looking forward to the upside.

Otis Clapp – Quentin

Queens rapper Otis Clapp introduces the world to his alter ego, Quentin Ballantino – a combination of director Quentin Tarantino and his favorite beer, Ballantine – with the release of his new EP, Quentin produced by Ricky Vaughn.

“I wrote the ‘Quentin’ EP was written from a darker place. I was battling depression through a lot of the process. I was constantly questioning my musical motivation, even on the heels of arguably my most successful release to date, ‘Helen Keller.”’Quentin’ is a journey through my mind as I try to make sense out of my ever changing universe.” – Otis Clapp

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JuztKP – Full Moon Bloom

Durham rapper JuztKP follows 2016’s JuztBU with the ten-track project Full Moon Bloom featuring appearances from Dante Bruno, Tony Cruzz, Quentin Rashad and more.

YGTUT – Save It

Chattanooga’s own YGTUT waxes nostalgic on the six-track Save It EP produced by D. Sanders, Fatir, Luke Crowder and more.

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Foisey. – EA9+

Foisey. Is back with the ninth installment of the EA beat tape series, which boasts twenty-one tracks and plenty of hip-hop and r&b edits.

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Def Dee – Deemixes Vol. 4

Seattle representative and rapper/producer Def Dee aka SCLY follows Volumes 1-3 with Deemixes Vol. 4 featuring his reworks of tracks from Papoose, Elzhi, Mac Miller, Freddie Gibbs and many more.

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Big Kahuna O.G. x Fly Anakin – Big Fly 2

Mutant Academy’s Big Kahuna O.G. and Fly Anakin follow their collaborative project Big Fly with the five-track sequel Big Fly 2.

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Robin Yerah – Baby Birds

Producer Robin Yerah drops the lush, four-track Baby Birds instrumental EP mixed and mastered by Wantigga.

“Baby Birds” is a mini collection of musical snippets and sketches by Robin Yerah. These short beats are like baby birds that chirp with elements of neo-soul, jazz, funk and R&B to create their own little stories. In their nest they feel right at home, but they cannot wait to fly and explore the rest of the world.


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Saif Abu Bakr & The Scorpions – Jazz, Jazz, Jazz

Habibi Funk teases their 9th vinyl release and the formal reissue of Jazz, Jazz, Jazz by Saif Abu Bakr & The Scorpions with “Forssa Saeeda.”

We’re super happy to announce the release of our 9th release. It’s the only album by Sudanese band “The Scorpions” with Saif Abu Bakr on vocals. (الترجمة العربية أسفله) The album was recorded on tour in Kuwait. The music is a unique combination of incredibly powerful horn arrangements, a vigorous drummer contributing a funky backbone and Saif’s uniting all of these elements. The results range from instrumental tracks awaking memories of 1970s crime thriller soundtracks to more Sudanese-rooted tracks, a lot of them modernized versions traditional rhythms from the diverse regions of Sudan and even an excursion into Congolese Soukouss. While all of our reissues so far have been compilations in the sense that we put together our favorite selection of tracks by one artist, this album will be our first 1:1 re-release, simply because the quality of the albums does not fall off on a single track. With its eclectic influences it birthed a one-of-a-kind new mixture and serves as a blueprint for what we are looking for when we release music on Habibi Funk.


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Monad – Monad: Mixtapes #1 & 2

Progressive electronic producer Monad celebrates the release of his eponymous debut EP with a pair of mixtapes packed with the songs that inspired the release.

The EP is a chronicle of introspection, which is also the narrative thread that runs throughout the project – a slow movement or transformation from beginning to end. I got completely immersed in this process for a couple of months, and out of this experimentation a shape began to form – one which would eventually become this EP


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Karas Lamb

Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard yet. She wants to listen to your music. Follow her on Twitter @karaslamb.

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