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Allmos Marks Solo Debut w/ ‘Sound Affects, Vol. 1’ [Premiere]

Allmos Marks Solo Debut w/ ‘Sound Affects, Vol. 1’ [Premiere]

Producer & One Half Of The Stuyvesants, Allan Cole, Marks His Solo Debut With ALLMOS: Sound Affects Vol. 1, Out Now via Fresh Selects
Producer & One Half Of The Stuyvesants, Allan Cole, Marks His Solo Debut With ALLMOS: Sound Affects Vol. 1, Out Now via Fresh Selects
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OKP: There are certain themes you return to at points in the release (“Allmos” x “Outro” and “So Remarkable” x “Interlude”). What is the significance of that for you, thematically?

AC: This was another purely conceptual thing. For me, it’s about how cyclical the process is. Even though I’m introducing different sounds and allowing them to take me in a direction that isn’t predetermined, there is a cyclical process that is involved in that. Coming up with something that isn’t planned, I might latch onto a particular sound. It’s mostly just repeating a similar process to create new things from it. Those moments where you see chords repeating or certain sounds that are similar is a window into that cyclical experience that I’m having as I create everything. The outro of the album and track 2 use a similar chord arrangement.

The outro is more or less derivative of a piece of something that I discovered randomly and reintroduced later on. A lot of it is me making an effort to avoid forgetting how I’m getting to where I’m going. It all goes back to not forgetting where you came from and using that to propel yourself forward — like Sankofa. That’s what I’m trying to do with those parts of the project that repeat. That’s something that you’ll see as the project continues to develop and new volumes are introduced. There are definitely moments where inspiration will spring up in different places. I may borrow something from a thing that I hear and like — kind of borrowing from the past to lead in a new direction.

OKP: What are you looking forward to most ahead of the release of Sound Affects, Vol. 1?

AC: I just really want people to get it and feel it. For me, it’s a little nerve wracking to be trying this new approach to making music. I know that I like it, but I never know how people are going to respond. That’s always the most anxious and exciting part of it for me. Even if there are just two or three people that get what I was trying to go for with this, that means the world to me. The feedback is what I’m really looking forward to. Even with some of the singles, people are starting to catch on and see where things are going. That is what I look forward to the most.

OKP: When you talk about being anxious about people’s reactions to the release, what do you hope they take from it?

AC: I hope it puts them in a particular zone. After listening to it so many times, I have a certain vibe that is attached to it. I have a chilled, mellow response to the music when I listen to it now that it’s done and out of my hands. I want people to feel what I feel when I listen to it. The listener is a part of the art itself, so I anticipate folks bringing their own ear to the project. I’m hoping that blending that with what already exists will align them with the vibe that I have created.

OKP: How does the evolution of your sound and your plans for future releases make you feel? Are you excited, etc?

AC: It’s largely exciting. That’s one of the things that makes The Stuyvesants project so successful. I have this really good connection with Darien (Birks), so it just makes the music that we put together very unique and very specific to our partnership. With this project, opening that up so that there are multiple folks to work with who can also catch the same type of vibe is something that makes it more exciting. At worst, it might be a little awkward if the partnerships don’t work. But even with that, I don’t really anticipate working with folks that I’m not already a fan of and that aren’t already fans of my music. I anticipate working on really cool collaborations and building the project that way.

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The artwork for Volume 1 was done by an artist named Nic Supa. He does these really intricate and heavily textured collages. I collaborated with him on the artwork for the album and the single. He has this really nice approach to color and texture that just spoke to me. We figured out the imagery and colors for the album cover together. That is something that also speaks to the collaborative aspect of the project. I’ve had a chance to flex that muscle and spread out more in terms of working with a variety of artists, which is exciting.

When it comes to designing stuff for myself, I usually keep hacking away at it until I don’t like it anymore. So, for stuff like this, it helps to have the collaborative element so that I have someone to bounce ideas off of and a better idea of when to stop — to let the other person take the lead to get it closer to what will work.

OKP: Is it too early to ask what you’ve got up your sleeve for Volume 2?

AC: Not too early! That one is very close to being done. I have definitely figured out where I want this one to go and how it feels overall, its just a matter of getting it tight and making sure that everything is done as conventionally as I wanted to do it. The other thing is bringing in extra artists for this one. I do anticipate this project going forward, being primarily instrumental, but I’m not limited to that. I definitely want to bring in musicians, singers, rappers occasionally — just to add an extra layer to it that I can’t add on my own. So you’ll start to see some collaboration with this next one for sure.

Stream Sound Affects, Vol. 1 below. Purchase the project via Bandcamp or Spotify. Get more on Allmos’ solo debut via Fresh Selects. Follow Allmos via Twitter at @_Allmos.

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