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Before the world ever heard the name Elzhi, the young artist was sitting in the back of classrooms thinking of rhymes and spitting verses, while his friend Fes banged out beats on lunchroom tables and battled rival emcees on the blacktop after school.  He sharpened every blade in his arsenal, developing his style to measure up against the competition in Maurice Maloneis Hip Hop Shop, the legendary proving ground for Detroit Artists that has produced some of the greatest emcees in the world. Elzhi spent years paying dues, writing songs, entering battles, and recording demos until he made his international debut on Come and Get It, a standout track from J Dilla’s album, Welcome 2 Detroit.  The critically acclaimed song drew massive attention to the mysterious artist, and made his EP, Out of Focus, highly sought after.  Following that, he released the critically acclaimed Elmatic as a tribute to Nas as well as to Elzhi’s hometown of Detroit.

~via elzhi.com

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