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Photo Credit: Talib Kweli Instagram

Will 2022 Be the Year We See a New Black Star Album?

Nearly 24 years after their 1998 debut, Talib Kweli has teased that he and Yasiin Bey are returning with their sophomore Black Star album.

Yasiin Bey may have brushed off requests for a Black Star album last year, but Talib Kweli has confirmed that their sophomore album is on the way.

On Friday, the latter went to Instagram to announce their upcoming follow-up to 1998 album Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star.

"The new Black Star album was recorded in hotel rooms and dressing rooms across the globe. I love how my brother @yasiinbey pushes me musically. #blackstarforever follow @blackstarkeepshining today..."

Kweli and Bey's duo Instagram page shows throwback and current footage of the two, among the likes of Cordae, Regina KingDave Chappelle and more. Since their longtime hiatus, Kweli and Bey have co-hosted podcast The Midnight Miracle with Chappelle, where Bey previously denied that a new collaborative album was coming out. He also spoke out against the  streaming industry, undergoing creative control and financial solvency of artists.

“You mean to tell me that the source of labor at the center of this experience is supposed to be satisfied and grateful with receiving a portion of a penny for their efforts and labor?” Bey asked. “You motherfuckers don’t get to tell me what to do with what I make,” Bey fired off. “I’m not interested in my own misery. So I’m not interested in the misery that anybody’s trying to put on my back. If you’re trying to tell me that I got to put it out on your schedule and not get paid what it’s worth, but what you tell me it’s worth, then we’re always going to have a fucking problem."

Prior to Bey's tirade, Black Star premiered an untitled Madlib-produced cut on The Midnight Miracle.

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