Suge Knight Sues Dr. Dre For Allegedly Hiring A Hit-Man To Kill Him
Suge Knight Sues Dr. Dre For Allegedly Hiring A Hit-Man To Kill Him
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Suge Knight Says Dr. Dre Tried to Have Him Murdered

Suge Knight on Dr. Dre: "It was a murder-for-hire case.”

In a new interview with The Blast, controversial former music mogul Suge Knight claims Dr. Dre tried to have him murdered.

The former Death Row Records CEO is scheduled to be sentenced to 28 years in prison for a 2015 manslaughter, which happened on the set of the Straight Outta Compton film.

Knight revealed that he believes Dre paid two men to kill him on the day at Tam’s Burgers in Compton where his incident occurred.

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Knight claims he struck a deal with Dre to collect 30 percent of the producer’s earnings, and that after he tried to collect the money, Dre allegedly put a hit out on him. He believes this was put in place because he survived the 2014 nightclub shooting.

"They also got the paper trail with all the checks and proof of when they talked to the witnesses saying that Dre came to them first and asked the two guys how much it cost to get rid of me,” Knight told The Blast. “And they said, ‘What you mean by get rid of?’ And they said, ‘Kill him.'”

Knight claims it  was a “murder-for-hire case.” He sued Dr. Dre in 2016 claiming he was behind it

According to The Blast, a rep for Dr Dre, who did not wish to comment.

Listen to the full interview above.

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