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Lauryn Hill's Daughter Selah Marley Defends Wearing Kanye West's "White Lives Matter" Shirt

Selah Marley sounded off on Instagram, defending her decision to walk in Ye's YZY Show while wearing a 'White Lives Matter' t-shirt.

Selah Marley is standing beside Ye. The 23-year-old model, singer and eldest daughter of Ms. Lauryn Hill walked in Ye's recent YZY fashion show in Paris earlier this week, where models wore t-shirts with the message "White Lives Matter." While some denounced the statement – including Vogue contributing editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson and rapper-actor Jaden who left the show – Selah went to Instagram and shot back at critics. Marley's Instagram Story was posted on Wednesday (October 6), after she posted a clip of herself laughing with Ye while wearing the controversial t-shirt.

“The past 24 hours has allowed me to realize that most of y’all are stuck in a hive mind mentality. You do what the group tells you to do & think what the group tells you to think," Marley wrote.

"Witnessing someone break free from ‘the agenda’ sends you all into such a panic that you will do whatever it takes to force them back into the box that you feel they should exist in. All morale & empathy is eliminated due to the fact that you feel justified by your emotions. The victim becomes the victimizer.”

She continued, “You cannot bully me, manipulate me, or coax me into silence. Nor will you bully me into being who you want me to be. I don’t care how many tweets you make, DMs you send, or articles you write. Throughout all the chaos, I have yet to speak on my experience. If you know me, you know that nothing I do is without deep thought and intention. Wait ’til you hear what I have to say.”

Marley later shared a text that she sent Ye, where she offered wanting to "discuss the depth" behind the 'White Lives Matter' statement. Ye later reshared Marley's text in his Instagram Story.

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