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Keke Palmer is All in on Whoopi Goldberg's 'Sister Act 3' Idea

Actress and media mogul Keke Palmer has responded to Whoopi Goldberg proposing that she, Lizzo and Nicki Minaj should be in Sister Act 3.

Keke Palmer humbly accepts Whoopi Goldberg's proposal for her to star in Sister Act 3. In October, Goldberg announced on The View that Palmer, Lizzo and Nicki Minaj would be a dream lineup to join her for a third Sister Act installment. In a podcast episode of Los Angeles Times' Envelope series, the 29-year-old actress responded, last announcing her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live.

"My reaction was: Whoopi, where do I sign on the dotted line? Because, Whoopi, I'm ready. I'm ready for whatever you need from me," Palmer said.

She continued, "Whoopi is an EGOT winner. Whoopi had her own one-woman show. Whoopi hosted the Oscars. Whoopi is everything! So, for her to mention me for Sister Act, I mean, I'm here, I'm there for whatever needs to be done, just call me up. It was awesome. I'm here for the Lizzo and Nicki Minaj of it all as well."

Goldberg has frequently spoken about a third Sister Act on The View, interviewing guests involved with the franchise. Jenifer Lewis, who co-starred with Goldberg in Sister Act 1 and 2 visited the show in September, promised by Goldberg that Sister Act 3 was still in the plans.

In 2020, Disney announced that Tyler Perry-produced Sister Act 3 would be a Disney Plus exclusive.

“I love the idea of us making this happen but you know, the Hollywood system moves a little slower than I’d like to,” said Perry during a September appearance on The View. “So we’ve got a good script. We’re off to a great start. We’re just trying to get everybody moving in the right direction so we can get it going.”

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