Jai Paul on the cover of his album '04-13 (Bait Ones)'
Jai Paul on the cover of his album '04-13 (Bait Ones)'
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Jai Paul Shares New Song on Revived Myspace Page

The reclusive UK artist marks the 10th-anniversary of "BTSTU" with a new recording stashed in his recreated Myspace page.

Jai Paul is celebrating the 10-year-anniversary of his debut single, "BTSTU," with a heavy dose of 2010s internet ephemera.

The producer sent out a rare dispatch on Twitter yesterday (see below,) thanking his day ones for the support over the last decade. "It’s 10 years today since i put out my first single… it’s been a bit of a mad one still... so just wanted 2 do something fun n say thank u to everyone whos been down from the start," the producer wrote before sharing a link to a revived version of the Myspace page that it started it all.

The recreated page features a music player with many of the demos leaked as his first album in 2013. The player also features a previously unreleased song, "Super Salamander," stashed in the seven-track sequence. Though it clocks in at maybe a minute long, the new track is an explosive EDM experiment that's likely an unheard leftover from those early Myspace days. But it also happens to be the reclusive UK artist's first transmission in years. In 2019, Jai Paul officially released the leaked collection of songs as 04-13 (Bait Ones) along with a letter in which he detailed the trauma he experienced in wake of the leak.

Paul's brother and collaborator, AK, also shared a note on the 10-year-anniversary of "BTSTU" on Instagram (see below.) "14 years ago my brother sent me a demo that changed the way I thought about music. I was studying music at uni at the time.. But there were and still are so many lessons in BTSTU," AK wrote in a post with photos of the studio he used to work in.

Read the "BTSTU" commemorations from the Paul Brother below. Head over to btstu.com to hear Jai's new song.

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