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Donald Glover Talks Oscars Slap, New Season of 'Atlanta', & More

On Tuesday, Donald Glover stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! and spoke about the Oscars, the third season of Atlanta and teased new music.

Donald Gloveris on a roll. After premiering the two-episode season three Atlanta opener last week, on Tuesday, Glover appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss the series, new music and the controversial Oscars slap-down.

“Everybody was kinda just, kinda chatting,” Glover said about the moment between Will Smith and Chris Rock. “I think it felt like you were in someone’s living room. And it just kinda happened. To me, I don’t even really wanna get into it. It’s like, whatever. People are already tired of it. People are like, ‘Dang, I gotta read another article. It’s been eight articles already.’ And also, like, I’ve had a lot of stuff happen to me while I was telling jokes on stage, that kind of thing.”

Glover then jumped into an story that involved taking a drunk date to an improv comedy show.

“I was dating someone and I had brought them to an improv show. … We didn’t know each other that well,” Glover told Kimmel. “Maybe I had dated her for, like, two weeks at most. This was maybe a third date or whatever, maybe second. And we’re [performing improv] and she’s drunk and she’s like, ‘What’s going on? Who are those people?’ She’s super loud and people are like, ‘Who is she?’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know.’”

After the woman was pushed by fellow performers to leave the show, Glover continued to claim that he didn't know who the woman was. Kimmel later said that Glover was “like Will Smith and Chris Rock combined” to which Glover responded, “Yeah, I can’t choose sides. I love ‘em both. I love both of those guys.”

Kimmel extended praise to the new season of Atlanta, which Glover called an "event" due to the opening "Three Slaps" episode not focusing on the core characters until the episode's conclusion.

“I feel like if you keep everything at a 2, when you do a 10 it feels like a 100,” Glover said about the show's impact.

This month also marks two years since Glover released his 2020 album 3.15.20. While Kimmel asked if fans can expect a new album soon, Glover spoke about balancing his creative outlets with fatherhood. “It used to just flow but now I have kids so nothing flows anymore. … Nothing’s as easy as it used to be so I do block off time now,” he said.

The next episode of Atlanta will air on FX at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT on Thursday.

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