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A$AP Ferg Has Been Removed From A$AP Mob Says Founding Member A$AP Illz

A$AP Illz aired out why A$AP Ferg was removed from the hip-hop collective on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, news surfaced that A$AP Ferg was no longer a part of the A$AP Mob collective.

A$AP Illz, a founder of the collective took to Instagram to air out his grievances. On his Instagram Stories he stated that Ferg and himself had issues that led to the swift removal. 

Illz wrote the following on Instagram: “Ferg aint ASAP NO MORE sorry guys. That n**** burnt out, songs dumb trash mr anthem cant get right.” In a later post, he added why he removed Ferg, “Damn right I ain’t no yes man nut n****a don’t respect that sh*t. y’all rather have a n**** who’s not even half way on my level around just cause he a Yes man and do Whatever you want at the snap of your fingers sh*t goofy.”

Illz also shared screenshots of Ferg texting him in an attempt to have a conversation. His response was, “N*gga u played urself. Fuck off my line. Fuck is u textin for.” Bari also shared comments pointing to his thoughts on Ferg. Over on Instagram he wrote, “@asapillz started ASAP If It Wasn’t Him It Wouldn’t Have Been No ASAP Mob.”

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A$AP Mob was created by the late rapper A$AP Yams, A$AP Bari and Illz alongside A$AP Kham in 2007. Over the years additional acts like A$AP Rocky and Ferg would contribute to the notoriety and popularity of the group, especially within the music industry. What’s worth noting is the fact that each member of the collective has different skill sets and interests. 

Despite making controversial headlines in 2019 involving sexual assault, A$AP Bari is heavily respected in the fashion and streetwear industries as an entrepreneur. Over the past eight to 10 years, Rocky has grown as a force and face in the luxury fashion market. Rocky and Ferg’s experimental taste in fashion has driven forward the group’s appeal. Not to be missed is A$AP Nast’s hold on the high fashion industry, he’s lauded as a respected designer and tastemaker. 

A$AP Ferg hasn’t released a statement on the controversy. But, his girlfriend, photographer Renell Medrano shared a tweet late Tuesday evening. It read, “We good on this side.”

On Wednesday morning, A$AP Nast shared a series of tweets that suggested Ferg wasn't going to be released from A$AP Mob. One tweet read, "THE TRAP LORD WAS NOT AND WILL NOT BE KICKED OUT OF A$AP FALSE NEWS EVERYBODY GO HOME NOW."

Take a look at his tweets below.

This article was originally published on September 2, it was updated the same day. 

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