Tank And The Bangas

For the last three years and running the good folks at NPR have run a contest that scours the internets for emerging musical eccentrics to grace their Tiny Desk Concert (basically an institution at this point.)

Last year, the contest discovered the remarkable, Gaelynn Lea, whose violin arrangements and somber melodies are somehow heart-crushing and rejuvenating all at once. In its inaugural year (2015,) The Bay Area’s Fantastic Negrito took home the prize and introduced the world to it next great psych-folk presence. This year’s winner, Tank And The Bangasdraws on southern-cooked rhythms, spoken-word poetry and a demonstrated love of theatrics to build some deep r&b and hip-hop that’s catchy enough to stay with you and demands to be seen. They’ve just done that, following up their winning submission with a three-song set from behind Bob Boilen’s desk.

You can watch it below. Scroll on to peep their full schedule of forthcoming dates.

Tour Dates:
Mar 24 @ Tipitina’s – New Orleans, LA
Apr 14 @ Spanish Moon – Baton Rouge, LA
Apr 27 @ Shreveport Municipal Auditorium – De Quincy, LA
Apr 30 @ Blue Nile – New Orleans, LA
May 21 @ Bayou Boogaloo Festival – New Orleans, LA


  • Mister Oh

    This is the debut. Catch it while you can. Catch it while it’s fresh!
    This is the beginning of another iconic career, leave the BS at the door.

  • They are just the cutest. I’d go to every concert in my area.

  • The Grinch

    Honestly they are so magical, I can’t take it.



  • This is amazing.

  • Bikinibee