M.I.A. brought the ruckus to the set of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this past evening/early morning, enlisting The Roots in a pulse-shaking rendition of her anthemic pop reduction “Come Walk With Me” to celebrate the fresh release of her Matangi LP. This performance was rather tame compared to what we saw from the contentious Sri Lankan songstress in the disorienting LED tunnel display she dawned on us at the one-off music video treatment of this very same track just last week at the YouTube Music Awards (not to mention dialing in Wikileaks head-honcho Julian Assange to open a show days prior to that) However the up-tempo glitch-sample bump of her composition was enough to keep drummer ?uestlove on his feet throughout the entirety of the performance; a truly rare sight. Check out the Roots-assisted destroyer-of-all-club anthems below and go cop Matangi ASAP.


  • alexgoldblum

    { NEWS BULLETIN } American Citizens Watch
    November 8, 2013

    Stop The Brutality in Florida

    Kendrick Johnson was discovered dead in a Florida high school. His limp, lifeless body was found rolled up in a gym mat. Security camera footage from the high school appears to have been tampered with. Missing periods of time, intentionally out of focus camera lenses, and incomplete visual evidence leads to great suspicion of foul play in Kendrick Johnson’s murder by his family, lawyers, and by the African-American community in Florida, still reeling from the death of Trayvon Martin and the subsequent acquittal of the accused killer.

    At the time of Kendrick Johnson’s Autopsy, the Coroner’s office in Florida showed the family a body which was stripped of its clothes, finger nails trimmed, and all internal organs had been harvested and removed. All DNA evidence that might have pointed to how Kendrick Johnson actually died has been destroyed, leading to new realizations that Kendrick’s killer(s) were in collusion with local authorities to cover up the young promising athlete and scholar’s death.

    Concerned parties are urged to contact the US Justice Department in Washington, D.C.

    Local activists in Florida are urging anyone with evidence to come forward and speak their peace to lawyers employed by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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    BOOM!!!! I was ready for this!! AMAZING!!

  • South American

    Shame it can’t be seen outside the US…

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    What was wrong with the dailymotion video that could be watched outside US?! Shame on you…

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    More and more US only stuff here. Time for another site.

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    Super clean, firm, but gentle. Reminds me of eating a really good salad (yeah super random).