Laurence Fishburne Hopes to "Change The World" with Secret Marvel Project

Laurence Fishburne Hopes to "Change The World" with Secret Marvel Project

Morpheus and Marvel for the win?

Though he may technically be part of the DC cinematic universe, Laurence Fishburne‘s jump to Marvel is already well underway. The seasoned actor, who currently portrays the grandfather on ABC’s Black-ish, will make his Marvel debut in the comic book giant’s upcoming sequel to Ant-Man, starring as Bill Foster, colleague to Hank Pym and eventual varying-in-size-super-hero in his own right.

Whether he ends up donning the scale-altering suit in the film remains to be seen, but according to a new interview with Collider, the role opened a door to Marvel that Fishburne doesn’t intend to close anytime soon. In the chat, Fishburne reveals his time-tested standom of Marvel, particularly the stories it published in the 60s and 70s, as they hit close to the actor’s NYC come-up, pulling from scenes he’d actually lived.

He goes on to briefly discuss his future with the perennial box-office powerhouse. He describes a pitch that was ultimately shot down due to “legal red tape” (an indication that it may have had something to with either the Spider-Man or X-Men franchises.) But there’s another “secret project” that demands a tight lip. Offering only that he thinks “it’s gonna be really cool” and that he hopes it will “change the world.” From Morpheus’ mouth to your eyes.

Obviously, this could be just about anything; a comic, a video game, a screenplay, a video game, an animated series or a fucking action figure. All of this is perfectly within the scope of the Marvel machine. But it does get you thinking. And the Marvel/Morpheus creative team can have all my damn money, whatever shape or form it takes.

Watch the full interview above.

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