Childish Gambino's Producer, Ludwig Göransson, Breaks Down The Creation of "Redbone"

If you’re a fan of any era of Childish Gambino output, you’re also likely to be keen on Ludwig Göransson. First crossing paths on the set of Community in 2010, Glover and Göransson have been making music together ever since, the latter co-writing and producing the bulk of Camp, Because The Internet, and Bino’s latest, “Awaken, My Love!.” He also contributed production to HAIM‘s Days Are Gone.

The song “Redbone” was released as the second single in the lead-up to the album, cementing “Awaken”‘s psychedelic funk template and has since gone platinum after a prominent feature in Jordan Peele‘s historic directorial debut, Get Out. Now, Göransson has offered a track-by-track breakdown of the haunting funk ballad’s creation, how a tangential drum loop from Glover bloomed into one of the year’s biggest hits, even detailing the precise instruments used and an unconventional bar structure.

Watch as Ludwig Göransson takes us through each motion in creating Childish Gambino’s now certified platinum hit, “Redbone.” Pick up a copy of “Awaken, My Love!” on virtual reality vinyl via The Shop today to experience the PHAROS show in 3D detail and analog warmth.


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