Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon Make Yelp Reviews Slightly More Tolerable on 'The Tonight Show'

If you’re one to actually abide by internet criticism, it’s likely you’re no stranger to the more-often-than-not insufferable Yelp review. Like Twitter, but with a particular call to the entitled asshole in us all, Yelp is where you’ll find society at its worst. But it’s only when you give those characters a real voice that all this calcifies into sheer cultural contempt.

Luckily, Aziz Asari (making rounds in the lead-up to the season two premiere of his critically-acclaimed series, Master of None) and Jimmy Fallon have stepped up to the place to reveal us unto ourselves. Last night on The Tonight ShowAnsari sat opposite the host for a brief interview and a dramatic reading of god-awful Yelp reviews, and their respective responses from proud business owners unwilling to let a troll tarnish the good name of their establishments. The duo run a gamut of scenes, including an X-rated visit to the dentist, an A/C replacement gone wrong and a bar outing that’s gravy for everyone in the crew except one, who made sure to drop a line in the comment section.

Watch Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon read through some of Yelp’s most ridiculous reviews in a hilarious Tonight Show segment below. Master of None returns to Netflix this Friday, May 12th. Jump back to watch the official trailer.