We got an email this morning from the Afrolord, subject heading: figured this would be a good idea, which is how you know when you are about to embark on something that is probably a bad idea. But when ?uesto says we might have to hurt people, we say “which car do you want to take?”

In this case, the car is this OG director’s cut version of his top 10 list Music Moments that Shaped my Life, submitted recently to Rolling Stone. Below are his exact reasons for thinking that publishing the list in its original, unedited form would be a good idea:

in light of the recent “war” that Pitchfork was trying to start over Bon Iver member Justin Vernon’s contribution to Rolling Stone’s “list” issue with me, i decided to present the entire piece.

i wasn’t going after Justin’s list. i was angered at the fact that i took my only day off per MONTH to do this assignment. and i thought i did a quite thorough job at it. much better job than some of the other contributions that seemed rather last minute and not quite well thought out.

i suggested the idea of this list to RS in an effort for them to zero in on artists that are actual fans and experts of a certain field of music (they initially asked me for a yacht rock list and i declined, for i think i need a year of deep concentration so that i would leave no stone unturned should i get asked again next year. i just dont wanna rattle off “the DOOBIES!” cause that’s the cool thing to do. i wanna peep under the surface in case there is some cool yachting i missed. sounds “earnest” but its the responsible thing to do).

anywho, part of me knew that my unedited piece would get chopped to bits (and in this case not used at all for the print issue) so. instead i decided to share the top 10 “music” moments that shaped my life.

note: the edited RS Top 10 list is linked to an actual Spotify playlist for those that care to listen but we have put in youtubes for ease of listening here.



  • Steo

    i loved every word of that. stretch it to top twenty!!!!!

  • 123

    fresh and history #salute

  • Mel Blunt

    amen, church, tabernacle!

  • baloogawhales

    That was an amazing analysis on the intricacies in the beats that the average listener (myself) are not aware of. ?uestlove you are a genius.
    btw great way to describe each song, very humorous yet analytical and well thought out. Great Job!!!

  • kirikou

    you love to tell those Dilla stories
    good thing cause I don’t think I’m the only one who loves to read them
    we should launch a “Occupy ?uestlove” movement to force you into a SECOND day off
    so that, like Steo said, you “stretch it to top twenty!!!!!”

  • thankgod4soul

    I’m always stunned by “Little brother.” I’m glad black star did it justice.
    I’m extremely grateful for ?uest’s testimonies. They teach me a lot about music.

  • Dr Derty

    Interesting read. Always enjoy reading ?’s historical accounts of the LWFC/Voodoo era.

  • Wildstarr

    They slept on you quest! I’m glad you posted the full article here!
    Quest has a way to put words on feelings not many do, always quality stuff.
    Now youve dun gone n gave me the cravins for more sir.

  • kweschn

    i have heard this story several times. dopeness er’ time. main ingredient is one of my favorite albums back to front. pete always drops these interlude gems for several seconds leaving you to press repeat to make it several minutes long. so to hear that dilla on the ‘humbug’ decided to chop and make the same beat….and blackstar goes and produces a gem of positivity and requited headnod….c’mon son!!!!!!! hip hop beauty full circle: from roy to pete to dilla to blackstar to your ear….

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