Washington Wizard’s John Wall Goes Off On Charlottesville Terror Riots

Washington Wizard’s John Wall Goes Off On Charlottesville Terror Riots

Washington Wizard’s John Wall Goes Off On Charlottesville Terror Riots

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The outspoken NBA guard, John Wall, weighs in on the Charlottesville riots that took place this past week.

The protests and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has opened discussions about race in America, why Confederate monuments should be removed and how hate speech continues to permeate all through our lives. The events that transpired last week resulted in a woman, Heather Heyer, losing her life by a white supremacist driving through a crowd. It was those moments that resonated with NBA star point guard John Wall.

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Speaking at length about the current state of affairs at his charity event at Rosedale Community Center in Northeast Washington this past Friday, John Wall met with the media, but first made an address to the kids and parents who showed up for his charity efforts. “I know this week has been tough for our country with things not going the way we would want them to, but the most important thing is that you can’t use that as retaliation,” Wall said. “We’ve all got to treat each other as the same. No matter what color you are, we are all family. We’re all in this world trying to make it more peaceful and promising than anything.”

“I want the kids to understand that no matter what goes on, you can’t use that to try to target nobody else. We’re all one whole family. Even though we’re different races [ethnicities], we’re still one big family,” Wall said. “We have to work to try to get things to as best the situation we can and keep it positive.” Wall was asked about the fact that he’s speaking out, since many professional athletes remain mum on said issues, but Wall feels as if he has no other choice but to speak out. “If it’s something I feel like I need to speak on, I will speak on it. I feel like with what we’re going through, it’s kind of tough. What everybody is saying is totally right … As long as we educate our kids and educate our people that we are role models to, and show then that we can’t revert back to that, I think we’ll be totally fine,” Wall explained.

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Watch John Wall speak out against the racist motivations that have happened last week in Charlottesville and beyond. Do your part by spreading the word and remaining positive.

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