Termanology Shares Thoughts On Boston Fans Burning Isaiah Thomas’ Jersey

Termanology Shares Thoughts On Fans Burning Isaiah Thomas’ Jersey

People Are Strange AF: Celtics Fans Burn Isaiah Thomas’ Jersey For No Reason At All

Source: NBA

We received a first-hand account of how rapper Termanology felt about seeing his hometown fans burning Isaiah Thomas’ jersey on social media.

We are about a month out from the NBA season returning to its rightful place atop the sports world. Yes, yes, the Golden State Warriors are once again champs, but the team’s move to corral Kevin Durant has forced all the other teams in the league to step up or shut up.

There have been wild times during post- and pre-season before in the NBA, but this year is unlike any other we’ve seen. From Chris Paul joining the Houston Rockets to the blockbuster trade involving Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas — the NBA is more active than ever… just how the fans like it.

Speaking of fans, it is the situation involving Irving and Thomas that made them express themselves in some pretty telling ways. Cleveland, who already experienced heartbreak when LeBron James left, was hurt that its #1 draft pick no longer wanted to play in the place formerly known as the “Mistake By The Lake”. Meanwhile, Boston fans were a bit more incensed that their breakout point guard, Isaiah Thomas, was going to be playing for their hated rival and decided to share their rage by burning his jersey.

In an Instagram post that went up on Twitter as well, some random nobody decided to say that Isaiah Thomas was “not my point guard,” and lit his Celtics jersey ablaze. Now, Thomas didn’t have a choice in the matter, he was traded, and he’s gone on record saying that he wanted to stay in Boston, but this wack-nut decided to disrespect a guy who played hurt, played after a death and a funeral for your enjoyment.

To help us make sense of what it was like on the ground during that moment, we reached out to Beantown’s own Termanology, who shared his thoughts on burning I.T.’s jersey and how it doesn’t represent the way the real Green Mile feels about the player.

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