Jason Whitlock Uses Kid from Kid 'n Play to Mock Colin Kaepernick

UPDATE: Sports Analyst Jason Whitlock Uses Kid from Kid 'n Play to Mock Colin Kaepernick

Jason Whitlock Mocks Colin Kaepernick w/ White Impersonator

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Following a night of discussion on social media surrounding Jason Whitlock’s image mocking Colin Kaepernick, TMZ has confirmed the man in the image dressed as Kaepernick is Kid from Kid ‘n Play, also known as Christopher Reid, and not a white man dressed as the quarterback.

The segment has yet to air, but the image has received backlash for “mocking the movement.” Whitlock, however, seems unbothered by the backlash, labeling it all as “#FakeNews.”

Read the original report below.

Fox Sports 1 analyst Jason Whitlock has made a career for himself being an agitator.However, it seems like Whitlock, who is the co-host of the sports debate show Speak For Yourself, may have crossed the line. On Tuesday evening, Whitlock tweeted out a picture where he’s standing next to a person wearing a Colin Kaepernick outfit. The person is wearing a faux afro and beard with a number 7 49ers jersey. He also has his fist in the air. It’s a clear mockery of Kaepernick’s protests against police violence

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Soon after the tweet was posted, Whitlock was blasted for the pic. A large selection of people criticising Whitlock called him a sellout.

 Shannon Sharpe, the co-host of Undisputed on Fox Sports 1, also sent out a tweet, saying the picture was unacceptable:

Whitlock only responded to one tweet. Someone criticized him for using a white impersonator. Whitlock claimed that he wasn’t white.

If you’re not a familiar with Whitlock he has a long history. For years he was the featured columnist at the Kansa City Star. He became infamous nationally during the Don Imus Rutgers scandal when he blamed hip-hop for the shock jock saying the “nappy headed hoe” comment.   

He became a divisive character because he frequently criticized black athletes and hip-hop culture. In 2009 he wrote the worst and most inaccurate column of all time, one in which he called Serena Williams “fat and lazy.”

For the last year, he has been criticizing Kaepernick for his protests. This would explain his latest stunt.

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