“I felt it would be interesting to experiment on how my style would sound over a series of Dilla beats and found that the outcome was simply natural.” These are the words of young Brooklyn emcee, ScienZe as he explains what motivated him to embark on his latest mixtape, Ode 2 Dilla. I know, I know, Dilla mixtapes and tributes are as common as potholes in Bed-Stuy, but I will never discourage any emcee who wants to take their turn to rock over Dilla. Especially since the chance to work with the man in physical form, is impossible. No new beats are coming. No verses, or videos. No new stories. So if ScienZe wants to join the libation pool, it sounds good to me.

No, really. It sounds good to me. ScienZe’s Ode 2 Dilla is a supersonic soundscape. Sure, I could blame Dilla. Give him all the credit. I mean, it’s not hard to sound good over the perfect drum, the perfect bass. It’s not hard to sound “natural.” But it’s unfair to totally negate the fact that ScienZe is a sincere, real-deal emcee with much to say, and a massive amount of pen ability to say it.

He makes this clear at the very beginning of the mixtape. On “Light Work,” the young emcee literally gets busy. I don’t know how else to put it. It almost sounds like he knows he has to do these instrumentals justice, and that the pressure is on. And he never lets up. From the hypnotically perfect, “Dream Me,” to the flaming, super-lyrical “Sweet n’ Low, Half n’ Half,” ScienZe proves that he can run the gamut of lyricism, and, quite frankly, make Dilla, and all of his cohorts, proud.

ScienZe said that this mixtape, Ode 2 Dilla, was an experiment. Though the experiment is not so quixotic anymore, due to the influx of Dilla tributes, I still take my hat off to any emcee that keeps Dilla’s pedestal legs sturdy. Though Dilla is now the James Brown of hip- hop (though James Brown technically is the James Brown of hip-hop) and calls for movement and praise by default, ScienZe really does bring something different to the music. Or maybe Dilla brings something different to him. I’m not sure. Furthermore, I’m not sure it matters. What matters is that the pairing birthed an amazing mixtape, with Dilla’s spirit moving all around it. ScienZe, I hope he hears you. I hope they all do.

-Jason Reynolds


  • FrescoLOVE

    I feel like this mixtape is the most ultra terrific body of music that I have heard from any artist in the last couple of years…take notes & take notice…


  • bb thursday

    this mixtape’s fire and tastefully done

  • mahiri

    This shit is an amazing mix tape. The kid is def for the top

  • Kaito

    Wicked brotha man wicked lyricist/Artist/MC wicked Wicked Mix CD bless bless

  • Intheria

    Wow… No words can express how well this mixtape delivered! This music is right on time can’t wait to buy the album!!!

  • Lay Buddhist

    Mix tape is dope added to the collection of other fine works from this artist grabbin that album when it drops to

  • top dolla raz

    real proud of this dude. word.

  • I Are Conscious

    Still haven’t gotten a chance to give this my undivided attention. The brief listen I did hear made decide that I would in fact download it and give it my attention. This kat definitely has a voice wroth listening to..

  • Dollar Van Demos

    This mixtape changed the way I looked at the world. Outstanding work.

  • BarrelHouseBKLYN

    This mixtape is incredible. Hands down one of the dopest MC’s coming outta brooklyn. Real proud of this dude. But I have a feeling this is only the tip of the iceberg….

  • A_Sharp

    I expected nothing less from ScienZe. The brother undoubtedly lives up to his name. The subject of Science being intricate, and ever-evolving – it is derived from the latin word scientia, which means KNOWLEDGE. There is no question that the King continuously drops Knowledge; however, I think the most parallel definition of Science, the subject to ScienZe, the artist is when it refers to a highly skilled technique. ScienZe is definitely one who has mastered the technique of rhyme. Thank you for acknowledging him.

  • Mr. SINNER7

    I was totally disgusted at the condition of today’s definition of “Hip Hop Music”…No Hot 97, 105.1…etc..etc..
    This mixtape “Ode to Dilla” by S.c.i.e.n.Z re-ignites the flame up under the house that ignorance built (Commercial Rap), and burns it the ground! I would force feed this CD to all with ears, the same way they flood the ether with the monotonous non-identity havin’ formula followin’ think inside the box writin’ non-educatin’ bad example settin’ fake a$$ no talent, pass for music on the radio today! Long live the Movement! Much love and respect to you S.c.i.e.n.Z!!! The ode was Dope, but your hands are still guilty, time to Soo the savages!!!

    Sinner Out!

  • hidro

    LESS RADIO MORE SCIENZE..music for the ears to listen to, and it came straight from his heart..proud of you brother..

  • 21Ronin

    Quick question….is this the Scienz from SCIENZ OF LIFE?