Quasimoto - Okayplayer


by dantana
13 years ago


To say that interest in this album has everything to with Madlib’s climbing stock and little to do with his helium-sucking alias is possibly a tad harsh on Quasimoto, but probably quite accurate, too.

The Further Adventures of Lord Quas is producer Madlib’s second big project in as many years, following hard on the heels of the critically-acclaimed Madvillainy, which featured MF DOOM. That album succeeded in marrying some of the best multi-syllabic, stream-of-conscious rhymes in the biz and Madlib’s Attention Deficit Disorder approach to beat-making.

On Further Adventures, however, some of Villainy‘s lyrical prowess has been sacrificed for Quasimoto’s helium-and-blunt-inflected verbals, but the concepts come twice as strong and twice as fast. Indeed, Madlib revisits some of the topical highlights of Quas’s first album, The Unseen: there are the weeded cuts “Greenery” and “Hydrant Game”, the ode to big booties “Fatbacks” (also a remake of Show & AG’s “Fat Pockets”) and “Raw Deal”, the sequel to 2000’s tale of runs-in with the law, “Come On Feet”. And, as listeners will come to expect, the album contains a barrage of obscure samples and vaguely familiar bits of film dialogue – all arranged at a somewhat schizophrenic pace. But that this actually holds together and works is largely down to Quas, the glue that splices Madlib’s many cuts. Wisely, Madlib has chosen not to tinker too much with his “bad character”—giving him depth, rather than seeking to expand his topical range.

Over 27 furious tracks and 68 frenetic minutes, the album is an earful. It demands attention and refuses to be faded into the background, but it does offer rewards with repeated listens. There’s something here for crate diggers, weedheads, casual listeners and, most importantly, those who suspect they have a bit of Quas in ’em.

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