The new West Coast movement has brought forth several young and hungry emcees, who are bringing their own style to the scene. Out of this group, 19-year old, Marz Lovejoy stands out with a unique style that combines fun pop-hooks and sharp lyricism. Miss Lovejoy made her introduction to most of the world on the Pac Div song, “Shine” that appeared on the group’s 2010 mixtape, Don’t Mention It. After building a rapport in the indie crowd by releasing Youtube videos and doing shows, she has released her debut EP, the 7-track This Little Light of Mine. Marz’s light shines bright throughout the project, as she raps over solid, west coast-influenced production. Her style is more Jean Grae than Nicki Minaj, as it is evident on the 9th Wonder-esque, “Love Bullet Gun.” She also has a knack of creating pop sensible sing-along hooks that display her singing ability.

The 19-year old has extremely strong mic presence that is far beyond her years. On lead-single, “Sticky,” she delivers some brash lyrics over the bass-heavy, hard hitting drum beat. Potential club-banger, “Thank You” has an excellent hook, and sharp-lyrics like, “We ain’t trying to Mike, Tyson it’s our styles they bite.”

This Little Light of Mine while brief, is an excellent debut that showcases the young rapper’s abilities. At just under 24-minutes, the EP is lean, with little skippable material. Lovejoy definitely has a bright future ahead of her, as she has the ability to craft catchy hooks to make some noise in the mainstream crowd, and she has the lyrical prowess to hang with the best of the underground.

-Zach Gase


  • Flygurl

    The cream always rises to the top. Watch her. She is 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She is a game-changer. Talented and beautiful; humble and unique!

  • The future has arrived, kicking, spittin and tearing up tracks like she was changing the direction of the metro line ! Not to be under-estimated or slept on ! Marz is the real thing. The complete, unique package !

    I say DO THAT MARZ, lead the way and take this HIPHOP thing to new heights ! Then rain down that lyrical nourishment so we call all grow !

  • dchevalier

    Beautiful and talented young lady…love her style and unique yet positive lyrics! I see big things in her future! 🙂

  • marz is the truth and the future!