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Mary Mary

by E. Esi Arthur
7 years ago

When the Gospel Duo, Mary Mary, comprised of Sisters Erica Atkins-Campbell and Tina Atkins-Campbell released their first gospel single, “Shackles (Praise You),” in 2000, something big indeed happened. The single not only became a big hit on the gospel charts, it also became a big crossover hit on the r&b and pop charts.

The Sisters melodic voices teamed with upbeat samples carried their uplifting message to those who may not have otherwise even entertained listening to gospel music. Mary Mary’s contagious songs and positive lyrics seemed to resonate with many listeners and became a mainstay on both gospel and r&b charts.

The seasoned Duo has come back in 2011 with the album Something Big.” Once again they attempt to create music that appeals to their diverse audience.

Something Big continues the now trademark Mary Mary sound, teaming Christina lyrics, with current beats.

Songs like “Blind” the title track “Something Big,” and “Slow Walk” are sure to please those who enjoy the trademark Mary Mary hybrid gospel sound.

The tracks “It is Well” and “Catch Me” seem as if they were included to please the gospel traditionalist. While the song “Sitting With Me” seems to be a definite attempt to make another pop crossover hit. Its musical arraignments seems as if it would be more suited for a light weight pop singer, rather than the experienced duo.

Something Big, does not have many musical surprises and may not bring aboard any new Mary Mary fans, but it will most definitely bring listening pleasure to the faithful Mary Mary fans.

-E. Esi Arthur

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