Sometimes my students grade-grub like, “Mr. A, why can’t you hook me up with a 100?” The answer is equally based in belief and bullshit – I don’t think there is such a thing as artistic perfection because that implies there is a standard against which we measure creativity. That said, with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West transgresses paradigms and defies the limitations of genre, thusly granting himself the highest compliment payable to an artist. As if self-flattery were an issue here…

If cacophonic is the new symphonic than, like Radiohead’s Kid A or El-P’s I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, Yeezy’s Fantasy is a musical milestone monumental for its refusal to trim back its noisy excesses. Even y’all vegetarians know that fat is where you find the flavor and, in this spirit, would-be two and a half minute neck snappers become epic spirituals exploring aural peaks and introverted valleys – peep the reeking-of-RZA “Dark Fantasy.” In turn, “Blame Game” should rightfully be three minutes shorter, but Chris Rock dropping science on Cirque du Soleil p#ssy over John Legend’s phantom piano in the wake of Ye’s vocally and emotionally effected tale of deception is just so damn off that it couldn’t be more hilariously on! And while the stunning “Runaway” (feat. Pusha T) could aptly end with the Halloween-type piano stabs it opens with, it extends and shifts past nine minutes, past reality, past what’s come to be expected, into some kind of dreamy confusion – so yeah Kanye, keep runnin’ baby, we’re all right behind you.

Back when he first came onto the scene, one knock was that ‘Ye wasn’t nice on the mic like he was on the boards. And while this is still the case, to some degree (really, how could it not be?), the boy’s shown ample flex from one record to the next. Maturity evidenced in apologies to what’s her face and dick-riding HOV on “Big Brother” aside; this is about SPIT, people – the art of emceeing. Yeezy sets his bar high on track 1, getting all Wu with his slick tongue, but his vocals on “Monster” and “Gorgeous,” in particular, prove how far he’s come lyrically. On the later, he offers; “All of them fallin’ for the love of ballin’ / got caught with 30 rocks, the cop looked like Alec Baldwin / inter century anthems based off inner city tantrums based off the way we was branded / face it, Jerome get more time than Brandon and at the airport they check all through my bag and tell me that it’s random.” Yessur.

When verses by Jay-Z and Raekwon become, dare I say, afterthoughts, it’s plain as day that ‘Ye has arrived as a rapper. Best rapper alive? Possibly never, but one thing is for god damn sure – when the MPCs crash and the phoenix finally flames out, Kanye West will go down as one of the great MUSICIANS of our time. Now how many in your top five can claim that?

– Jeff Artist


  • Big DAVE792000

    “when the MPCs crash and the phoenix finally flames out, Kanye West will go down as one of the great MUSICIANS of our time. Now how many in your top five can claim that?”


  • Steg187

    really enjoyable read… will have to give the record a shot. i wasnt huge on 808s but w 9min long opus feat Pusha T Yeezy is callin for me like Pookie;s pipe.

    holleration bronzo

  • polaris

    98 is the highest rating i can remember seeing on okp. really? blame is my favorite track, but it definitely should have been cut short

  • mytypeahype

    Best album of the YEAR.
    I wasn’t even a big kanye fan…but i couldnt front on this. Glad okayplayer couldnt either.

  • Big Voltron

    808s and Heartbreak was ill and MBDTF is iller. Why do people continue to hate on Ye’s music??? Come on man!

  • EJW

    I don’t mean to sound like a hater, but the album wasn’t THAT great. Sure, I liked it, but there wasn’t as much originality as everyone says there is. I draw a line when rappers start sampling other rappers’ beats– it takes away the whole point of crate digging. And why the hell do people drool over the piano in Runaway? I swear to God my dog played a more interesting chord the other day. All the “creativity” Kanye shows is really just him playing with more voice effects (not to mention he failed to turn off the autotune during some parts). Pusha T and Raekwon were some decent guest spots, but Jay-Z is turning dry and Rick Ross is out of place. Rihanna can’t sing even with autotune, and sounded like crap as always. And Nicki Minaj? Really? What people fail to address is how cliche the whole album is. From start to finish. I think I read a comic strip in the newspaper with more depth than this painfully stretched album. And his metaphors were really forced. There’s a difference between surrealism and artsy bullshit. The best song by far is Dark Fantasy, but even this song ends quite poorly. This album isn’t a classic because it is not definitive of anything in any way. It’s no breakthrough in music, and is actually a step back for hip-hop given the mainstream/pop-like production it got.

    Kanye is a man who can’t match his ridiculous ego, which is starting to affect his music more and more. Until the guy realizes how fake he is, please stick to producing and sticking to some down-to-Earth emceeing.

    This is my opinion, so please do not feel offended if I have a different view from some of you. It’s not like Kanye is your uncle or anything.

  • Sph’R

    Well, must say I agree with EJW on the point that this album doesn’t deserve THAT much enthusiasm. Creativity… Yeah, nobody can say the opposite, but not THAT much.

    Like, is Gorgeous really THAT creative? Blame Game is a damn dope track but the beat got nothing new: it’s a piano loop, bros, with a slightly uncommon drum sound. Oh yeah, and voice effects. Which sound cool, no doubt. And what? Ye’s singing? Well, some dude like Mos did that ages ago and probably better. Runaway is also beautiful but it’s a 808 tune with less autotune a dudes rappin on it. So is So Appalled. And Devil in a new dress is Kanye from the Blueprint era. I liked all these songs btw.

    To me, Power is easily the most powerful track on the lp. Dark Fantasy is salso sick, but it’s a Wu joint without the Wu.

    Let’s be serious, think what you want of 808, but it was much more creative. Weaker, but more creative. And i don’t really see where he “defies the limitations of genre”. What should then be said about Exit or Joyful by K-Os?

    I’d give Kanye a good 80/100 for that. And that’s because I like the guy! Lyrically, he’s quite nice. stop sayin he’s not a lyricist. It’s not true anymore.

  • Mandog

    It was a really good album…..but not a 98. I’ve heard a couple albums that were far better than this that came out this year and got in the 80s. so yeah. good album, but sadly overrated.

  • LoPrimo

    NOVENTA Y OCHO for Señor KAny3 ? nah more like a 96 and 1/2 ? 😀 love the album

  • vito

    top 10 hip hop albums of all time period

  • KD06

    Musically the album is great. Lyrically Kayne comes through as well. In most of the cameos he does two verses to his guests one. But his subject matter is where the issue lies with me. Each song was about women, clothes, or how good he is. Nothing moving at all. Kanye use to sit in the middle between hip hop and rap… Now he’s just rap. Good music for sure but nothing thought provoking…. I’m grew up reading the source I give it a true 4 mics… (also that song he did with Rihanna and the last two that were made for MTV were horrible)

  • Klausesmith

    This album is beautiful period. Ye stepped his mic game up and production is farging bananas! For me it’s probably my second favorite album by him so far. Now as far as 98 goes…. I don’t think so. Personally I’d give it a 95 at best. What OkayPlayer needs to review is the N.W.L album by Shiesty Khrist and Deacon Da Villain! Anyone can check out the entire album at qn5.com. Now that album is absolutely bonkers and definitely deserves at least a 98!

  • midnightgreen20

    I’m with EJW on this one. If we wanted to rate the album for its beats alone, I would surely give it a high grade for that. There is a much darker undertone with the sound of the album, which matches the title like it should. But besides that, I wouldn’t say there is much to the album. Kanye was never really a lyricist in his career for the most part. I did like the broke man’s swagger he put on in The College Dropout, which was something very different at the time, but since then he’s tried to be just a regular rapper and comes across as cheesy. He really forces metaphors and don’t come across as natural as they should. The one thing that is missing from the production from Ye that hasn’t really been around for quite some time is me being able to distinguish him from other producers. Early in his career, if I heard a track and didn’t look inside the booklet, I could easily tell if he produced a track. But lately, he’s become very vanilla and has left the sound that made him one of the best producers of our time. I know that J. Dilla liked to experiment with different ideas, but you could STILL tell it’s him.

    Let’s also be honest on 2 things about this album. For one, this is more of what fans wanted than 808, so naturally we would want to give him a better grade because almost all Ye fans weren’t really happy with that album. 2nd, Ye is one of the few mainstream rappers that doesn’t sing the hook 100 times in the song like Soulja Boy and doesn’t use beats quite as bland as Lil Wayne or Drake. In comparison, it could be seen as creative and given a high 90, but that’s like having one art student submit a painting in an exhibit while all the other’s are drawn by beginners. Besides, How I Got Over was a really strong showing for the Roots and I don’t see how this album takes the cake over it.

    It’s a good album compared to the rest in the mainstream, but weak lyrical perfomances and questionable cameos (Rihanna and Nicki Minaj… WTF is Minaj doing here? She’s soooo bad!) hinder the experience. The beats are pretty good and work with the motif, but I just can’t sit through some of the verses. Also, the lyrics don’t match the motif, aiming more to brag and show off ego rather than delve into darker matters like what Eminem did early in his career. I’ll give it a pass, but nothing more.

  • A-One

    “when the MPCs crash and the phoenix finally flames out, Kanye West will go down as one of the great MUSICIANS of our time. Now how many in your top five can claim that?”

    I thought you have to play an instrument to be considered a musician. And be one of the greatest of our Time?? This is a “Nigga Please” moment. And I’m from the Chi and love the Kid…and the album. But have we gotten so far gone to know what an instrument is?? Or did I not get the Memo?
    1 Love

  • Sph’R

    Not to be controversial, but isn’t an MPC an instrument? Not really if it uses samples without producing any sound (which is the particularity and the purpose of an instrument). But if the definition of a “musician” is strictly the one you gave, I am supposed to consider that a dude like Nujabes who produced a couple of tracks integrally with this “tool” was a musician only when he was creating tunes on a piano?

    That would be another nice “nigga please” moment.

    R.I.P. Nujabes.

    • kenphen

      He wouldn’t be considered a “musician” in the first place; he’d be a composer, the arranger of sounds. So…

  • dhelem

    Name a hip hop album better in recent times… Come on. Im waiting…….Thought so.

  • EJW

    Why do people post random shit without backing anything up? “top 10 hip hop albums of all time period” is a unintelligent, useless post.

    @dhelem: Okay, here we go.

    Transients by Audible Mainframe (there’s some real instruments for you A-One). They’re a whole band with some great crossover instrumentals. This is a 2009 album btw.

    The Kardashev Scale by Greydon Square — Greydon grew up in Compton and served in Iraq and is now studying physics. His album is themed (atheism), perfectly written (though a tad repetitive at times), the producing is very decent, and Canibus has a great guest spot. I’m an atheist as well, but a lot of my Christian and Muslim friends like this album too.

    Atomic Clock by Zion I is the most varied album so far this year. If you know the duo then here’s a quick summary of the album: a mix of their old stuff and new stuff. The MC (Zumbi) gets deep with lyrics, the producer (AmpLive) gets very experimental and goes into other genres.

    Robots & Dinosaurs by Kokayi, the newest QN5 member. Some of the best sampling I’ve ever heard with a man who is as diverse an MC as he is a producer.

    TSOL by Canadian rapper Shad. A perfect example of old school meets new school. Also a very well varied album, and Shad has improved a lot.

    The Burnerz by Zumbi & the Are. If you had ears during the Golden Age of Rap, you’ll love this album. It’s pure rap and tries to be nothing else.

    Running on Air by Aussies Bliss N Eso. I’m getting tired of putting descriptions. Just listen and you’ll see why. Real beats, real spit.

    The Left of MMG recently released Gas Mask, an all around great album, too, and better than MBDTF in every aspect.

  • DJbruceblaq

    review was on point. people always have something to say…so here’s my late ass 2 cents:
    Kanye is great. Is one of my top five lyrically? No. But he is great because he does ‘Ye’ and thank god that he does. In an environment where everybody is trying to be someone else, it’s refreshing that he decides to be himself…although a sometimes very rude and egotistical self but he’s at least honest with himself and he is taking us along that ride…I appreciate the honesty and the ride. HipHop is a lot of things and fun is one…it’s fun to watch this dude…the good and terrible.
    Also aint shit touching HIGO…PERIOD so you can’t even compare anything to that

  • Hellarandom00

    A 98?!?!?! Really?! OK, OKP *side muthaeffin eye*

    Co-sign with EJW. Articulated my exact thoughts.

  • vonduch78

    i repect everyone’s opinion from the congradulators to the so called haters. i myself like the album enough to listen to it but not the greatest album ever. im not the biggest ye fan in the first place. subject matter of the album is nothing i can chew on. no sustinance whatsoever. im happy for him…..nothing more nothing less. peace.

  • LoPrimo

    K fuck the 98 what about an…. A + ?? yes, yes? yes !!! A +

  • ybae.worldcitizen

    yea, it’s dope. melancholic & nostalgic.

    However, Janelle Monae ArchAndroid is album of the year in my opinion.

  • www.reverbnation/redcapmedia

    Most relevant album to date as far as hip hops concern.

  • Chea!

    Nicki Minaj is totally out of place on “Monster.” Most folks asserted she killed it on said track; I beg to differ. Too many vocal tics for me. That would be my only gripe with Yeezy’s album; now, I am not down with the 98 being placing upon it, but that is just me.

    I am really pleased there is not any spam on this post. Niiice. Can we keep that up please, OKP?

  • Tetertan

    Mr. Jeff Artist…..You must have bumped your head homeboy. WTF are you listening to?

  • The Bearded Hoofer

    EJW speaks TRUTH

  • SonnyCookout

    I mean giving credit where it’s due is one thing, but did Kanye write this review himself?

  • the mad writer

    A- What the fuck I’m listening to, homeboy, is an album that alters the sonic landscape beyond the confines of hip-hop, an album lauded by big boy media, from mass-appeal mags like Rolling Stone to highly respected web-communities like Pitchfork, as a motherfucking classic. Try removing your perspective from the chat room for a minute and contextualizing this record in greater musical terms. You don’t find it daring? You don’t find it cutting-edge creatively? You don’t think it will be looked back on as groundbreaking? No? Than you and I have different conceptions of what good art is and should try to achieve.

    B- Do those of you who are bickering about the whole MPC line really feel that people who produce music using sample-based and/or digital technology are not musicians? If so, how might Dre, El-P, Dangermouse, Amon Tobin or any other amazing producer respond to your comments? Better yet, would you tell RZA he wasn’t a real musician to his face? Oh right, you’d be too busy masturbating in your mom’s basement to risk getting blasted in the eye with a spiked ring.

    C- As for consistency issues; I have never reviewed any Kanye record for OKP. As I recall, though, “Graduation” got 4.5 out of 5 “questies.” That’s a high rating, and this is a better record in my opinion, so do the math. Further, might we all agree that “808’s & Heartbreak” was somewhat of an aside in Kanye’s career, a rather experimental project that he wanted to get off his chest between major releases? Not to say it shouldn’t be taken seriously but, when constructing this review, it was against “Graduation” that most opinions were based – rightfully so, I feel.

    So there. I held out as long as I could. I usually don’t get involved in this bullshit on principle, but when people start taking unfounded and non-constructive shots, I “take it personal” like Guru (R.I.P.) I took the time and thought to write this and I will stand behind it 100% so if you’re gonna come at me at least pay this forum some respect and drop something intelligent.


  • EJW

    Sure it was highly praised by media critics, but what does that mean? The “big boy” critics didn’t even acknowledge rap for the first 10 years of its existence, and that was when rap was real. This new rap is just an exploitive genre that garners the trend set by the pioneers and makes it radio friendly and poppy enough for the majority.

    Kanye keeps changing, which doesn’t necessarily means improving. This album is very different from “808’s and Heartbreak” and “Graduation” in almost every conceivable way, so you can’t compare it to them like it was the same Kanye. Compared to “Graduation”, it was better in some aspects, and worse in some aspects.

    When you think of rap instrumentals, you mainly think of the percussion aspect (like how you mostly think of the electric guitar for rock). The beat aspect of MBDTF is honestly quite bad. I own an MPC 5000 myself (got it this year actually), and have had a fair amount of time to play around with it. An MPC isn’t as hard to master as the piano (endurance plays a role), but if you do it well, it’s very similar. If Dre on the MPC is like Stevie Wonder on the piano (this is purely for comparison’s sake), then Kanye on the MPC is like keyboard cat on the keyboard. He does not experiment at all.

    ‘Lost in the World’ was mainly a bunch of kicks played on high tempo, ‘Blame Game’ is like 2 bars on repeat with a drum roll in between, ‘Hell of a Life’ really sounds like the first beat I made on my MPC (and I mean right out of the box, w/o reading the manual or getting acquainted) minus the repetitive bass; download Fruityloops and tell me how it takes you to make the same beat. ‘Runaway’ just recycles a classic Pete Rock loop. ‘Devil in a Blue Dress’ has a nice bassline, but that’s about it. ‘So Appalled’– finally Kanye reverts to his traditional “Graduation” beat style, but it’s got nothing on “Graduation” beats or many other rap beats and is much too simple. Nothing to say about ‘Monster’, beat is very nice. It seems like Kanye had a seizure while tapping a cheap preset beat for ‘All of the Lights’, and please tell me how this is rap? ‘Power’ is fairly nice. ‘Gorgeous’ is a barely forgettable and boring beat; near non-existent. ‘Dark Fantasy’ an adequate beat.

    When Dre makes a beat or El-P makes a beat, they have a heavy percussion and then add layers to compliment the original beat. A strong beat is pretty much necessary for a rap instrumental. Take that away, like in MBDTF, and you have a lacking rap album. Sure, Kanye tried to go the more melodic route without picking up a turntable and scratching to the beat, but sacrificed the beat altogether in the process. Compare his perception of melody to some classic rock, jazz, neo-classical. Kanye who now? He tries to go off genre and fails. Legend on the keys for ‘Blame Game’ was nice, and the guitar synced with Cudi’s voice in ‘Gorgeous’ is also exceptional, but that’s it. As a rap album, MBDTF is mediocre, and as a cross-genre mutt album, MBDTF is mediocre.

    There is one thing about Kanye’s production that he takes to a new level. Voice effects. This guy uses more damned voice effects than Roger Troutman ffs. If he broke out into some real melodic song without autotune or any voice filter, I’d give him some props, but he gets nothing for being able to know how to press a button.

    This isn’t groundbreaking because he didn’t start a movement, invent new music, or master anything. He’s a wannabe rockstar, and that’s all he ever will be. A pet for the media. MSN, MTV, and Jay-Z’s little bitch. He can keep feeding the hipsters and mainstream guinea pigs and become the Nickelback of rap, I don’t give a fuck. I’ll just sink deeper into the underground.

  • the ansky

    ugh EJW, you’re so underground with your picks, your headphones must be filled with lava.

    While i appreciate your initial disclaimer of “do not feel offended”, your rising backpack-nerd-core-hip-hop-tech knowledge is grating after mere moments.

    I don’t claim to know better than thou or any other mere poster here, I maintain that Kanye’s album is quite amazing. Do i agree with a 98 or pitchfork’s 100? Not necessarily. But nor do i feel the need to talk at length about the reviewer’s score. Not like it’s his job or anything to be give a number value. So if he feels like tacking a 98 on Kanye’s graceful new album, then i say ‘huzzah’.

    type on Jeff.

  • djrubadub


    its music. made to listen to. yall be too critical. enjoy the mawfu**a. your life must suck if you criticizing every cotdam thing.

  • LoPrimo

    yeah i guess the black keys are the only ones allow to use distortion efx on their work? Less Is More… @ EJW y0! you are a fan of white peoples hip hop deal with that lol

  • t.r.e.p.

    Rza produced Dark Fantasy. Bink! produced Devil in A New Dress. Blame Game is an Aphex Twin loop, not John Legend playing the keys. What you need to do is get back to reading credits. You know who else has an MPC 5000? Everybody. Nobody cares if you make beats. Your album is never coming out.

    Kanye is corny and a little fake at times, but he’s entertaining. The album is good. 98? I dont know, but I’ve never really agreed with OKP’s rating system.

  • Dillatastic

    If this album is “mediocre”, then I REALLY NEED 2 HEAR YOUR STUFF!
    C’mon man…share your GENIUS with the world, don’t be so goddamn GREEDY!!
    EJW must be the next PRINCE/MJ/STEVIE WONDER…!!!

    The album makes me wanna LISTEN.
    Even if one has the urge to break down Kanye’s bars & criticise the subject matter…PLEASE TELL ME WHO CAN RAP ABOUT THAT TYPE OF ISH in such an ENTERTAINING & CREATIVE MANNER?!


    I would easily give it a 101/100.
    Nice review.

  • random black guy

    this kanye album seems to have been Kanye’s version of Art vs. Hip Hop……the Good Friday genious scheme, the Runaway video scheme…the SNL performance of Runaway, the Power promo video….
    When you lose your moms, and your girl, and respect from fans and music genres…..but produce platinum hits for Drake, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, ressurect Charlie Wilson’s/Pusha T’s career, re-intruduce new skool dumb dumbs to Pete Rock, design Louis Vuitton gear and make MILLIONS of dollars doin it all.

    Thats been like not even Kanye’s last 2 year track record.

    Dark Twisted FAntasy is a brilliant album. Jazz records of 50-60 ago were all about 6-9 minute tracks then. Kanye simply….expanded.
    With the nod, and money and power,…..some artists ought to try it out…..Kanye got the balls to do it, basically.

    BTW, Kanye going OFFICIAL on the vocoder for 3-4 minutes at the end of Runaway? Awesome…..

  • Rodney C. of Gardenstatehiphop.com

    Kanye West is taking hip-hop to a higher level, bottom line. The ballsy creative advances he has taken are amazing, please appreciate this great project. I think every true hip-hop head knows that Kanye lyrically will not blow you away, but the creative genius and comedic bravado he holds makes that an afterthought. Aside, from his personal issues the man has made it his mission to take hip-hop higher and higher this is something REAL hip-hop fans should be grateful for. So please do not criticize,these high ratings are well deserved.


    Rodney C.


  • EJW

    This is fun guys, I’m having a blast! Separating idiot (dillatastic, loprimo, djrubadub) from intellect is a great mid-studying pastime.

    @Rodney C.: I think this deserves a decent score as well. A high score is 85-95, which I believe the album should fall in. But 98? 2 points away from perfection? Like I said, hip hop standards have been set and this is lacking in certain departments, music standards have been set and again this is lacking in certain areas. Is it a great album? Yes, a breath of fresh air. The best big label album of 2010? It’s looking like it. Almost perfect? Hell no.

    @t.r.e.p.: He co-produced all the songs except the only truly exceptional production which was Devil in a Blue Dress. And since when is this about me? We’re discussing Kanye here, kid, I brought up my MPC just to let people know I understand the instrument and since a couple commentors bashed it. And lots of people, myself included, just get MPC’s to play around with. I use it maybe 5 hours a week… nothing heavy. Good job attacking the person you don’t agree with, though, that’s a great attitude (sarcasm). I don’t think I cut up Mr. Artist once in my posts, kid, just added some constructive criticism. And in case you didn’t realize, all my posts were based on the fact that this was rated a 98, a ridiculously high score for a blatantly overhyped album that ended up being above average.

    @Dillatastic: What gave you the fucking idea that I was comparing Kanye to myself? Did I put that anywhere in any of my posts? No so fuck off. If you love Kanye so much why don’t you blow him, I’m sure he’d love it after 2 bottles of Hennessey.

    @LoPrimo: Wtf? I’m into white rap are you kidding? For one, all races listen to all kinds of music, kid. However, Kanye is big in the suburbs (fitting since the guy was born in one), though, which are predominantly white. Take a trip there sometime, the same people who bump Kanye bump Weezy and Soulja Boi. Not that it matters, but he’s a fucking hipster artist, you seriously think he markets himself to the “ghetto” populace?

    @ansky: My only qualm is the 98. And I feel Mr. Artist exaggerated a little in one or two parts of the review, that’s all. Like he wrote it after the first listen (always sounds the best then).

    @djrubadub: Do ya alwyz taip liyick haw yew tawk? And also, Goddamn! Don’t worry, the supreme being of your religious belief will not rain lightning on you if you type his name in vain! And my life is great, thanks. Not that I care if Mr. Artist cares for my criticism, but at least I: A) was respectful; B) had the balls to speak out for something I felt necessary to speak out for. Saying “dope” doesn’t do shit except take up space and prove you’ve possibly never come up with your own opinion for anything, so you can piss off too.

  • thejungledrummer

    “Kanye is a man who can’t match his ridiculous ego, which is starting to affect his music more and more.”

    couldn`t agree more…

    98% are you crazy?

    pure disrepect for many of the other albums out there…

    this guy gets enough attention… an 98 on okayplayer makes me wanna puke…

  • The Bearded Hoofer


  • Dillatastic

    I didn’t see anyone calling you an idiot, before you used the word…YOU FUCKING IDIOT.
    Why did I bring up the comparison?
    Because you wrote about how “you play around with your MPC” & know how just EASY it was for KANYE to produce this album.
    You keep on writing “HIP HOP standards this, HIP HOP standards that”.
    Crawl out your SAD LITTLE BOX man.
    This is not a HIP HOP album.
    It is a MUSICAL [Boundary-Pushing] MASTERPIECE.
    You obviously don’t listen to any other genres, so I do feel sorry for you.

    About FUN:
    Yeah, it’s real fun how you try to “preach your philosophy”, but instead come across as A COMPLETELY UNFULFILLED, LOST & FRUSTRATED INDIVIDUAL, who doesn’t have anything better to do, but defend his bullshit views.
    If someone gave the album a 98…SO FUCKIN’ WHAT?!
    Is that causing you to not sleep at night?
    He works for OKP, not you, me or the next dude.
    I don’t agree with 98% of the reviews I read.
    I am a KANYE FAN, but have a feeling that not as big a fan as YOURSELF.
    What you wrote about me blowing him is extremely ELOQUENT.
    CONGRATULATIONS on officially making YOURSELF the BIGGEST IDIOT commenting on this post.

    Go play around with your MPC, if you’re so passionate about HIP HOP STANDARDS.
    Release an album & change HIP HOP HISTORY…whateva man.

  • midnightgreen20

    I’m a bit surprised that this album is being labeled as the most creative album of the year when I feel that Janelle Monae did a lot more this year with Archandroid. Ye tweaked his sound a bit compared to his last few albums and experimented with voice changing, but Janelle created a new sound by blending modern R&B with a 1950’s jive twist. I can say that with MBDTF I have heard these tracks somewhere in time from other artists, at least with the sound, but Janelle is something I honestly never heard. I know we are talking different genres in this case, but as far as simply a musical standpoint in general, Ye didn’t bring a world of difference in his genre compared to Janelle.

  • Tetertan

    Mr. JA-No personal jab intended. Your review was very thorough and I agree with Kanye as one of the greats etc., etc. I just disagree with the high rating. I can’t rock MBDTF from start to finish. My reason being simply to put it is because he’s trying to take me to a place where I don’t want to go. Yes he has some bangers on there but there’s shit I can skip as well. But hey I skip shit on peoples joints that I really dig too. So I just don’t agree with the 98 homeboy. I know nobody gives a fuck about what I have to say because I don’t give a fuck about ya’lls (I mean that in like a big brother type of way!) but the rest of you cats goin at each other on here, please continue. The shit is funny!! It’s good to see that people love this hip hop shit! Hip hop music is what is is and what it was. You still can find what it was if you look hard enough.

  • thejungledrummer

    dilla was a humble guy… kanye isn`t… I guess some people dislike artists who are in your face 24/7.
    some are getting too much respect others getting too less… you can still buy “welcome to detroit” on record released on bbe. it was never sold out yet the number of copies were not that high.

    you have wallstreet on the one hand spirit and substance on the other.
    both are parts of this world. you have to mix them up and trying to find a good balance cause you need to get paid at the end of the day…

    is there a good balance?

    “don`t belive the hype” today we got the internet we don`t need hype anymore.
    should be enough to put out good music one day…

    lets wait 50 years till we know if its a classic but stop trying to sell it as one…

  • kokobeats

    People relax its just one review from a group of people everybody is entitled to their own opinion so just be grateful for the music. All those negative this that talk is very unnecessary and stop comparing artists coz they all unique in their own style and disregard whatever hes done in his personal life bein arrogant and doin crazy stuff at the end of day all that matters is he brought us good music. (so did jamiroquai, black keys, atmosphere and cee-lo green had to put that in lols) =)godbless

  • thearckitect

    I’m sorry but this shit sounds like 90%-95% of everything heard on the fuckin’ radio… All of that synthesizer bullshit PLUS the rhymes are mediocre. Shit not too different from B.O.B. and the rest of them kats. I’m sorry but he put this shit out strictly for the radio.

  • Boodah

    that bizness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its not because of the name any, john doe could have made this album and i would have loved it!!! not just cause me and Ye from the same place either(chi-town)and i won’t let my personal feelings about dude affect how i feel about the music “this is classic”!

  • Infinite P(Google Me)

    I would give this LP a 98 too! Dope Job ‘Ye!

    Beats, Rhymes definately on point!

  • Cyprus

    I like your closing thought, and I think Q-Tip is in that same ‘great musician’ company.

  • irish d

    great production. lyrics are weak he talks about the label clothes he wears way to much. i want music i can relate to. and all i hear is kanye complaining when he talks

  • cyph

    Damn…I missed it. This was like some Adderall fiend’s dream.

  • Neon Don

    No thanks! Dude can’t rap, are you all deaf and stupid or just buying into the hype?

  • Lo Headed

    Wow there are a lot of comments on this!

    Didn’t like half the album on the first listen. Let it play in the background while cleaning the house and suddenly it all makes sense. This is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. There is so much to take in on every song. Forget about just wanting bangers, this is more than the one dimensional offerings out there. Everything evokes emotion. The music, the lyrics, the performance, the transitions. Everything.

    If you have an open mind, dark fantasy will creep in and take you places. Close-minded judgemental heads will keep missing what others are enjoying. One of the greatest of our time. Emphatically yes!

  • ReddogSlim

    Yo I got a couple of points. First let me say that I have not heard the album, why because im afraid of it. Now days the slightest venture into “difference” is somehow called classic when really its the same old airy, acoustic sounding radio sound that EVERYBODY is doing. Look I like Kanye, I conceded that he had flow on the Dropout album so im not a hater, I just dont want to pick up the CD and hear this new pop/hip-hop that everybody now seems to be so wrapped up in, everybody’s flow now sounds like either Kanye’s or Waynes and quite frankly im haveing a hard time finding a Hip-Hop album. Maybe Hip-Pop but not Hip-Hop. I just think that certain artist have been overlooked for extending or pushing the realm of creativity (like The Roots, Nas, Outkast to some degree) while certain ones have been accepted for doing what people of real artist are accustomed to and have been crying for , for the last ten or twelve years, and then when its not all that creative in the first place the letdown is extreme so, ill just catch all twelve singles on the radio, thanks but NO thanks.

  • A-One

    It’s funny how people can’t connect or disconnect their minds with truth when truth is not in their favor. Look! An MPC is not an instrument. It’s funny how this is even a conversation. Just because a MPC is not an instrument does not mean this is not a good album or Kanye is not a good artist. It just means he’s not a musician. All artist are NOT musicians, yet musicians CAN be artist. Funny we are on The Roots site talking about what a musician is..LOL! Now why don’t you tell John Coltrane…Miles Davis…Ahmed Jamal…Richard Davis…Pharaoh Sanders…Freddie Hubbard..Questlove…etc… something different. Dope Album by the way!!

  • SonnyCookout

    The fact that nearly every track is 7 minutes long with an epic outro almost takes away from the album as a whole. I think that approach would have been more effective if it were used more sparingly, it definitely gets too melodramitic for my taste at points. References to Kanye’s personal anatomy and the Chris Rock also threatened to derail the album for me too.


    I LOVE THIS ALBUM !!!!!!!



  • WeWantOldYeezyBack

    I love how he didnt even produce Devil in New Dress, hands down the best song on the album, he cant do his old style anymore, he has to get others to do it for him, I wish he’d come out and admit he’s been spending too much time at the mall to find raw samples,

    and every time he tries to sing I want to kill myself, thank god he doesnt do it too much on this album, it was bad enough with fucking autotune

  • Six4teenDotCom

    Very good review. Many times, I feel as if people overlook the creativity of one’s work. You have to think of it in a way of a painting or sculpture. The simple fact that it is an art is overlooked. So what if the painting didn’t have enough of the color red, or if one of the sculpture’s arms are shorter than the other. Maybe the artist is decribing something bigger that you do not necessarily understand. People need to open their minds and appreciate each artists for who they are and what they do. This is why everyone’s names are differnt. MJ is not Jay-z who is not The Beatles who is not Jill Scott who is not Kanye West. They are all differ in creativity but they all are great. Simple as that. So just bob your head and let that boy cook!

  • j.y.


    You’re right; Kanye does have a ridiculous ego, and it is starting to affect his music more and more. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. Just because he doesn’t address social, political, economic or environmental issues as often as indie artists, it doesn’t mean that his album lacks depth . Over the years his songs have become more introspective. I think that he examines his own thoughts and feeling better and more frequently than most rappers/mc’s out there. He knows he’s kind of an asshole, he raps about the flaws in his personality and character and mocks himself as often as he boasts. After all, it is called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. What the fuck did you think it was going to be about?
    Oh, and you REALLY do come off as a hater. You also talk down to people, like they’re stupid. You’re probably as unliked online as you are in real life.


    Why is nobody disputing this score? Because Kanye is the only one who ever does that.

    J/k, this album was hella good. Maybe more like 92 good, but still a top contender for album of the year of any genre. Whenever he drops something extremely dope he always gets robbed at the Grammys though.

  • Jim


  • Controverse

    this album sucked…

  • EKM

    I really like this album and think that it should get whatever rating the reviewer thinks it deserves, myself i’d give it a 95 or so.
    I’d definitely put it on the “best hip-hop/rap albums of all time” list, since it is genre-defying, and pigeonholing seems to be very prevalent when hip-hop/rap is concerned… “it’s just a rap album…”
    i mean, come on, there have only been 2 album of the year grammys for hip-hop, let’s just be happy that it’s being taken more seriously.

  • Chelle

    I read each and every comment on this review and was highly amused. Thanks to all who posted. Nothing like reading people bashing each other personally over a cat who could care less what u think. Hi-Larious!

    and… it IS a very good album. Dont know abt the 98 but hey nobody pays me to score a damn thing.

  • good ol days

    Has everyone else forgot that Yeezy has put out more albums than just MBDTF and 808s?

    Has anyone heard his older shit??? Sounds like a stupid question but everyone is forgetting that Yeezy’s resume was so much more impressive years ago, I bet you guys wouldnt even have given The Blueprint a 98 and that is Yeezy at his finest

    This whole drake, nicki minaj, wayne over-synthed over-auto-tuned sound that yeezy adopted on this album will fade as fast as shit disco

    Sounds like it could have been made on FL studio – NOT A GOOD THING

  • correction to reviewer: blame game piano part is a straight sample (pitch shifted) of aphex twin’s avril 14th off Drukqs vol 1. john legend doesnt play a note of piano on it.