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Following up on the release of an introductory EP last October, St. Louis-based duo, Hawthorne Headhunters delivers with their debut album, The Myriad of Now, out via indie label Plug Research.

At their inception, Hawthorne Headhunters was a four-person collective including producers Proh Mic and Ced.  However, the two left to focus on solo projects…leaving just emcee Black Spade and singer Coultrain to carry the torch.  The combination of their distinctive styles–reflected on their solo ventures To Serve With Love (Black Spade) and The Adventures of Seymour Liberty (Coultrain), respectively–results in a unique and eclectic project.

The 14-track album combines hip-hop, electronic sounds, jazz and R&B with various topics of spirituality and sexuality.  Some songs from their EP are revisited here, like, “If U Were My Baby (Reprise),” “Collage,” and “No Crying Now, No Lyin’ Down,” with added depth, however.  The blend of the two, in addition to a host of well-executed features from artists like: Haz Solo, Rockwell Knuckles and I Am make for a creative product and a good listen.

The album opens with “Some People Don’t Change” which sets the tone for what follows with headnodding production, and interesting lyrics: “Instead of kissing our ass it’s the God in you/ You should know better by now/ Some people don’t change.”  “Collage,” which features Rockwell Knuckles and Tef Poe, follows suit while the vintage-sounding “Luv Galactic,” featuring vocalist I Am, has an amazing make-you-dance vibe.

One of the first singles from the album and EP, “If You Were My Baby (Reprise)” is revisited with the full song/prequel “If You Were My Baby,” which again has a vintage feel that shows off Coultrain’s voice to perfection.  The reprise version of the song, has more mellow production and will for sure be one of the female favorites on the album with lyrics like, “Kissing you is like sitting on the moon with the stars in my hand.”  Other album standouts come in the form of “Boats In Ur Eyes,” “No Cryin Now, No Lyin Down,” “Teleport,” which was the first visual from the album, “Whirlwind,” “Fairweather,” featuring Haz Solo and Von Pea, not to mention the two instrumental songs, “Ghostfields,” and “Tribute.”

In short, despite their reduction in numbers Hawthorne Headhunters have managed to create a great debut album and solid listen from start to finish.  This album is must-have in any music lover’s collection.

– Erin Duncan

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