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Georgia Anne Muldrow

by Erin Duncan
6 years ago

This past summer, the blogosphere was buzzing with the track “More and More” from the talented Georgia Anne Muldrow.  This track featured Grammy nominated vocalist Bilal, as well as what seems to be an updated sample of the classic song, “You’re All I Need” by the late and great Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

The lyrics of this song, however, aren’t the same type of love song that Gaye and Terrell sang, but more of a song of inner peace within your culture, yourself, etc.  One of the most compelling lyrics of this song says, “Cause you’ll only be a slave if you choose to live that way.  I’m not afraid, of what it’s really going to take, Makes no sense to feel the grave if my kids get better days.”

Four months later, Muldrow released her new project, Owed To Mama Rickie. Conceptually, Muldrow pays homage to all the things that have made an impact on her life—her mother Rickie, her father, grandmother and her spirituality.  This project definitely still keeps the essence of who Muldrow is as an artist—a great vocalist, and a songwriter.  There is still soul to it, and rich drums, however, the production is almost a little more somber than her other material given the subject content.

The album opens with a flawless performance from Muldrow even before the actual lyrics begin with the track, “Zulu.”  To be such a short track, it already commands attention with a key piece of knowledge to women, “sisters, our power is in the mind.  It’s time we understood.”

The next impressive track on the project is “Ez Duz It.”  With this track, Muldrow begins singing right when the track comes in.  The drums on this track, as well as the lyrics and vocals are great.

“Mother, Father God,” is a beautiful way to pay homage to your parents, and to your spiritual leader, God, in Muldrow’s life.  The way the track works, it’s really impressive because it seems almost as if she is racing the flow of the track in a very rhythmic way.

This project has a lot of standouts, but aside from highlighting every track, one of the themes that emerge throughout the complete album is the lyrics. Muldrow always has great lyrics, however, it seems almost as if she has grown as a songwriter with this project.  Everything she is singing, you can really feel.  It’s a beautiful project from start to finish and a great effort from Muldrow.

-Erin Duncan

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