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Eternia & MoSS

by Okayplayer
8 years ago

I wouldn’t insult Eternia by stating the obvious and referring to her as “one of the best female emcee’s in the game,” as unfortunately to many this would put her on par with the likes of Nicki Minaj; Eternia ranks with the hip-hop underground’s most elite, and delivers some of the rawest and hardest-hitting rhymes that I’ve heard from anyone this year, regardless of gender, race or nationality.

Recorded over the past two years between Toronto and Queens, the album is a pure boom-bap hip-hop record; fellow Canadian, MoSS provides a consistent soundscape which compliments the very confident and at times aggressive flow of Eternia, as well as providing emotive elements when necessary.

For the first third of the album, Eternia establishes her dominance and talent as an emcee with a lyrical onslaught that seems to be designed to erase any pre-judgments they might have made about her, before moving on to more introspective tracks that seem a lot more unique and well written. The album isn’t particularly innovative or groundbreaking, however this is a skillfully created boom-bap record; solid in its construction and cohesion, it is successful in what it aims to do.

At Last plays like an auto-biographical documentary with Eternia providing a first-person voice-over on snapshots of various aspects of her own real life. There is no question as to whether Eternia is exaggerating or faking elements in order to appear more raw or real, this is undoubtedly genuine. She speaks with emotion but without compromise on both good and bad experiences. The skillful delivery, authenticity and the variety of relatable subject matter means that this album is a lot more substantial than your average hip-hop release yet remains entertaining throughout.

-Grant Brydon

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