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by dantana
13 years ago


Rapper Aloe Blacc and producer/DJ Exile have released some impressive 12 inches. One that immediately stands out “MC’s Like Me.” With their first full-length release, The Waiting Room, the duo has a chance to fully flex its ATCQ-like production skills and message-based raps to the masses.

Play by Play:

“Count Your Blessings”: samples Sister Nancy’s “Bam Bi Lawn”. Granted, Sister Nancy’s song has been used by every so-and-so rapper, but I’ll be damned… they gave it a new spin.

The Words”: Extreme highlight of the disc. Sing-songy chorus to fit nook-and-cranny guitar sample.

“More Than You Know,”: Crushes over mellow keys.

“Pseudo”: Regarding fakers and biters of Hip Hop. Flute and xylophones throughout make it smooth. Chorus doesn’t work.

“Music”: It’s a little sped up.

“The World Don’t Sing,”: Irritating after the two minute mark due to numerous tempo changes.

Politician”: Average at best.

“Four Square”: A battle track that’s also quite a relaxing listen

“Not What It Seems” and “6 Million Ways”: Introspective tracks. Best efforts of the album.

“She Thinks,” “A Story,” and “Farewell”: Experimental? No. Irritating? Yes.

The main gripe with this album is not their talent; it’s the failure to effectively push the envelope. When Emanon tries to experiment, it’s not so much experimental, but rather irritating (see Play by Play section).

Ehhhh, the album is a good try. The Waiting Room might give a good look to those who are just discovering Emanon. But for the die-hards—you may want to skip the LP and wait for the 12 inches.

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