Whether you like Del the Funky Homosapien or not, one thing that cannot be denied is that he’s been consistent. The West Coast representative has done what many other West Coast emcees have done – stay below the radar, while continuously putting out music for their carved out, and ever-dedicated fan base. Del has hit his flock with another jam collection, Golden Era.

Coming off the digital releases of Funk Man, and Automatik Statik comes Golden Era, the last third of the trilogy, which is, frankly, more of the same. But with Del, that’s a good thing. The truth is, Del pushes himself lyrically on all his records which is what has garnered him avid supporters from way back in the Heiro days. The West Coast poet bends and contorts the English language in a way that not many can. I could pick any song to highlight, but my favorite one is “Raw,” a song where Del just goes berserk over a more sparse track.

On “Upside Down,” he does it again, but this time over a funk tinged track where he exclaims that he doesn’t care about what people think hip-hop is, and that it’s time to turn it upside down. I couldn’t help but think that Del would probably hate a guy like me; A music reviewer. But I’m happy to inform him (if he reads this) that in that terminal conversation of what hip hop is, he definitely falls to the side of “is” and not “ain’t.” But he probably could care less. And that’s what makes him great. It’s evident in his music, and his career on a whole, that Del just does Del. And on Golden Era…well, let’s just say he’s a creature of habit. And we should all be thankful for that.

-Jason Reynolds


  • realTalkbitch

    I would have to deny he’s been consistent. After Deltron 3030 he practically vanished with a couple feeble attempts to recapture his frenzied cult status with fans. He definitely peaked with either Both Side of the Brain or 3030 which I played both for nearly a year straight at a time. I think the main problem is he didn’t grow with his fan base, but rather digressed and got lazy lyrically, appearing to go through the motions, beat down from a history of a lack of commercial success. He seems to be down & out trying to compete with the shadow of his former self.
    Having said that, I’m always willing to seek new Del to chase that feeling he once gave me only without high expectations going in. Btw, just from hearing one track from youtube & seeing the lack of play/interest, I can tell this album is wak like it’s predecessors & this review was more than generous. Way to keep it 100 with us as usual…

    • Do you really judge a track based on how many views it has?

    • I think you got it all wrong. You clearly aren’t a real fan of del. Times change and sometimes rapper’s switch it up a bit to keep it fun and interesting. This album is a very fun and interesting one. Every artist has there peak, but del is still doin things and he always will, so until the man dies, you’ll never know his peak. I give the album 4 stars because its hella creative but just not his greatest album. I love it though, I always find something new every time i play a track…that’s Hip Hop folks!

  • Wordup

    I actually dug the album. Good shit.

  • Welcom back Del.

  • james

    Lol, the fact that the reviewer opens with the line “Del has been consistent” is a giveaway to the fact that they are in denial. I’m an oldschool Del fan, and he just hasn’t been able to recapture that hunger from the past. Alot of aging MC’s have this problem, its not a big deal.

  • Sir DZL got a higher number than Wiz. Okayplayer’s credibility remains intact.

  • I think people are unconsciously punishing Del for not putting out classics every time he touches the mic. Del has been able to make some amazingly creative tracks and he has done it more than a lot of mc’s that get serious play. So, whether his YouTube track has many views or not, I think people have finished chewing him up and are ready to spit him out so they can get a new flavor elsewhere. Respect him for what he is and you will appreciate his work.

  • matmoeb

    I can never understand why/how OKP posts reviews for some albums 2 weeks after they drop and others several weeks beforehand. Talk about consistency……

  • This entire community should be upholding Del – he’s one of the last. It’s damn near a miracle okayplayer chose to review him here in the midst of excessive bullshit.

  • kidtruth

    One thing that didn’t get a mention here is that Del also produces all of the music on his albums, making him a potent double-threat. That said, one thing I’ve noticed about his releases in the past three years is that he basically seems to be freestyling over these beats. The rhymes are very loose and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of focus or precision that brought us the dope lines of the Both Sides of the Brain era.. lines like “Eviscerate your mental state into strips of steak then situate barbituates to get you baked” etc… Del really seems to be going for quantity over quality these days and that has turned me off of these free releases. Although, his skills in production are pretty badass at this point.