Zakee Kuduro has teamed with Power Shift TV to challenge the fracking deforestation and subsequent environmental devastation to area wildlife and communities with The Quest For Sustainability w/ Pike County – a documentary short examining the effects of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline construction on one small Pennsylvania town. Zakee traveled with Power Shift TV to the borough of Milford in Pike County, Pennsylvania outside of Upstate New York to document the changes facing residents of the tri-state area whose opposition to the construction and the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline goes largely ignored by corporations and political leaders disinterested in their concerns about the changing landscape, destruction of natural springs, dangerous carbon emissions and other side effects that would likely accompany drilling for oil. Those who stand to profit have effectively turned a blind eye to those who are left to deal with the irreparable damage to the land, potential disease and displacement.

>>>More on sustainability in Pennsylvania Here



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    Damn everything this kid does is so next level. This is amazing

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    This made me cry. Very powerful

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    Great post.

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    This needs to be on PBS its too good

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    Highly informative with great cinematography

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    Another reason why I love Zakee so much. He’s the only dude cool enough to do something like this without it being corny

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    Great story..Zakee issa class act